Andromo App Maker for Android version 5.0.9 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Improved the behavior of the Photo, RSS Photo, and Flickr Activity’s photo viewer.
  • Fixed an issue in the PDF activity where some viewers would fail to open the file, such as Drive PDF Viewer.
  • Enabled ‘Mixed Content Compatibility Mode’ in the Website activity to accommodate websites containing secure and non-secure content (https and http).
  • Fixed an issue with cookies in the Website activity on Android versions greater than 5.0.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause a Standard toolbar to cover the top part of a feature image when the toolbar settings were inherited from the global theme.
  • Fixed an issue where the feature image could fail to appear when inheriting the toolbar and image settings from different themes.
  • Fixed an issue in the Google Play activity when linking to a developer page.

Andromo App Maker for Android v5.0.9 is now live at