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Promoting Your App

Way before you even begin to build your app, you must prepare a promotion strategy – that’s if you want to succeed in this business and get good installs. After launching your app, all the hard work and sweat from building it will avail to nothing if no one gets to know it even exists. This is where a lot of extremely brilliant ideas die. Don’t fall in the same trap.

A lot of the most popular apps are not well designed, and, sometimes, they don’t even have a logical storyline. Two good examples are Snake & Angry Birds. What’s their secret? The promotion strategy. It’s very easy to figure out how to promote your app when you know exactly who it’s meant for.

Here are 8 tips to effectively promote your app:

1. Get in Touch With Your Customers & Prospects.

If you’ve got a list of customers, reach out to them. You can do this via SMS, email or social media. They have already done business with you and are the easiest to invite.

2. Reach out to Influencers

Go beyond your own circle of contacts and followers, get other people to pitch your app to their audiences. This may cost you a bit of money. Some influencers will charge anywhere between $20 and $500 , or more, for a shoutout on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or email, but with the right influencer, the returns are worth it.

Be sure to research the background of each influencer before working with them. Figure out the basic details about their audiences as well, you need to make sure they are who you want to promote to. Also, check whether their followers are real. Some profiles have bogus followers.

Although a lot of influencers do require compensation, there will be those who just believe in you and want to help you out. So build relationships with them. It’s for the long term. Be sure to double check their shoutouts before they go live. You don’t want to be misrepresented. Best case scenario: create a media kit.

3. Get Featured on a Mobile App Review Site

Contact as many app review sites as you can, pitching them to make an unbiased review of your app. Review sites are traffic hotspots, they get a lot of site visits from curious readers looking for great apps. Get on those sites fast! It’s usually free. If you’ve got a busy blog, you can increase your chances of them accepting to review your app by offering them a guest post spot on your site.

It goes without saying that if you are willing to let your app get examined by a bunch of heartless critics, it needs to be a well thought out creation. If it makes it through this phase unscathed, you’re in luck!

Remember, reviews live almost eternally online. Make sure these three things are super okay before you make a fool of yourself: graphic design, original content, and app stability.

4. Social Media Network

Paid and free social promotions. Reddit and Twitter are the best social sites to announce your new site. Join the subredits associated with your niche and engage in conversations with other members. Build your profile karma to at least 30 before posting links. Self-promotion is heavily regulated on Reddit. If you spam, you can get banned.

For paid traffic, consider Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Be sure to target well and set up the tracking pixels properly or else you will lose money.

5. Promotional Video

Kick start your campaign with a 30-second promotional video. This is very effective. Videos are a great way to showcase the major features of your app and capture the attention of your target audience. Use a clear and strong call to action – “Free Download” works very well.

Be creative and use Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle of Why, How, and What (thank me later), and after creating your video, leverage social media and other platforms to promote your video.

6. App Store Optimization (ASO)

Google Play Store Andromo App Store Optimization is important for your app to be found in the Google Play Store.

This is the SEO for app stores. Optimize your title, images and app description for the right keywords. I’ll discuss this in more detail in a future blog. Just like SEO, ASO focuses on keyword relevance and keyword density in your description.

7. Android App Directory Sites

Several app directory sites offer listing services where you can post your app. Some are free, others are not. Great for SEO. Create a nice short app description and attach your best screenshots so that viewers will quickly understand what your app is all about.

8. In-App Reviews

Create popups in the app inviting users to rate your app. Well-described, genuine reviews by actual users make a huge impact on your number of installs. It makes your app look legit. Remember, there are millions of apps in the Play Store and you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your page visitors. Reviews are an excellent place to do just that.

A lot of dubious companies are selling fake reviews. Whatever you do, NEVER EVER buy reviews. Google is clamping down on fake reviews and you could get your app banned from the Play Store if caught. They can even suspend your developer account. So keep it clean. No desperate moves.

There are obviously more ways to promote your app but they are usually variations of these basic eight methods. If there’s any other important promotion method that you feel needs to be included in this article, please let me know in the comment section below.

Happy creating!


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