Making Apps for 5G

5G is finally here! We’ve waited a long time for it. The biggest benefits are better data speeds and extremely low latency. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities to create apps that exploit interconnectivity. Multiplayer gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality applications are the earliest benefactors, as we saw at MWC19 in Barcelona.

Creating apps for 5G

At Andromo, we’re looking at how we can bring the power of 5G to you, our developers. This is the future. The next 10 years will be transformational for the mobile app development industry. Creativity is the only limiting factor. The hardware is now available.

Internet of Things (IoT) & Big Data

Smart home apps that integrate smart home hardware are a big hit with customers. This is just one use case for IoT. The search for new and interesting ways to use this technology is steadily progressing. This has given rise to the data economy – Big Data.

Data integration companies are who collect and collate data sets are selling this data to app developers who need to use it. The opportunities to create new mobile app experiences powered by Big Data are very wide.

Rich Experiences

5G promises to provide more immersive experiences. Holograms will finally make sense and may soon be available via your smartphone. The possibilities are limitless.

Healthcare, education and even travel will be impacted by 5G technology. Teachers and healthcare providers can work remotely. Children can study from home and there can finally be fewer cars on the street. This is good for families as they can spend more time together, and there will be less pollution of the environment with less traffic. Think about creating mobile apps that will make these things possible.

A unique opportunity

Essentially, the more interconnected we are, the more important our smartphones will be. Mobile apps define our entire experience with these important devices. And you, a mobile developer, have the unique opportunity to shape those experiences.


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