Invitation to Webinar: How to create mobile apps with Andromo

Create a mobile app development agency with Andromo

Andromo powers a lot of small and medium-sized mobile app development businesses. Most of them are owned by individual developers with little or no technical skills and they are rocking it! Ten years ago it would have been impossible to do this but with Andromo, the opportunity is yours too.

Our developers make apps for a wide range of genres – education, gaming, business, entertainment, productivity, health and more. If you are interested in starting your own mobile app development business, read on.

Step 1: Create your Andromo account

First, sign up for an Andromo account. It’s quick and easy. You’ll need to select a paid subscription. We have two plans – Starter and Professional. Starter lets you make up to 50 apps and Pro gives you unlimited apps. I recommend you begin with the Starter app. You can upgrade later. There are two payment plans, annual and monthly. You can save up to 25% if you pay annually. If your budget is tight, select monthly. Congratulations, you’re now on board!

Step 2: Do your research

The second step is to think about your ideal customer. Remember, you’re building a business. You need to think about who can pay you for building their app. Start by making a list of local businesses in your area that you think would benefit from having a mobile app. Mobile apps are a great way for a business to bring its services closer to its customers – this makes them more money. Think about returns. You will need to have a very good idea of what these businesses stand to gain from a mobile app. Use that information during your sales meeting.

Get to work

Got your list and done your homework about each of the businesses? Good. Now you will make some real progress. Pick 10 businesses and get to work on building sample apps for each as if you’ve already been awarded the contracts. You are investing in your success, don’t worry about how much time and effort goes into the work. It will all pay off.

Once your first app is ready, pick the phone and call the business it’s for. Find a way to speak to the owner and let them know you won’t take more than 30 seconds. Tell them you’ve built an app for their business and want to know if they’d be interested in seeing it. 9/10 times, you’ll catch them off guard and come away from the call with an appointment. You can meet via Skype, Zoom or in person. I strongly recommend meeting them in person.

Selling your services

Do your homework. Research and prepare for questions that you think your prospect is most likely to ask. Don’t go to the meeting unprepared. Your demeanor will play a big role in converting the opportunity – go deep. On the day of the meeting, let them use the app just like a customer would. Ask them what they think. Don’t sell, just lead them on. They’ll sell it to themselves. Self-convincing is what converts best.

9/10 times they will be impressed and you stand a very high chance of selling your services to them. If they say yes and want to get your app and improve on it, you can then discuss your pricing. The prices and terms are up to you. You’re in business!

Sustaining your sales

Repeat this for all the other businesses your list and before you know it, you’ll have a busy app development agency. You can also make extra revenue from providing support and app upgrades. Word of mouth plays a big role in the growth of local design agencies. Be sure to request for feedback and referrals once you’ve established good relationships with your clients. It’s that easy!

Ready to challenge yourself?

Some of the most successful Andromo developers are just ordinary people like you. What are you waiting for? Create something new today, build a future out of it!


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How to create mobile apps with Andromo

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