Andromo App Maker for Android Featured in PC Magazine Article

We’re honoured to be featured in PC Magazine‘s article Do It Yourself: Create Your Own iOS or Android Apps.

Google announced that 10 billion Android apps have found their way onto mobile devices…

Getting a share of that can generate all sorts of desirable outcomes: more readers for a blog, a new audience for a musician, additional revenue for a business, or publicity for a cause. But the cost of hiring a programmer, or the intimidation factor of going it alone, often prevents many from venturing into the ever-expanding app universe.

Luckily, there are ways to create apps with a surprising breadth of functionality that don’t require hiring a development team or spending hours wading through code.

You can read the whole thing here:

It’s a great roundup article about way to make apps for both iOS and Android – and shares the nod with (the more complex) Google/MIT App Inventor as a recommended ways to make Android apps without “hiring a development team or spend hours wading through the code”!

Here’s a bit of what they said about Andromo itself:

Andromo offers a menu-based way to create native Android apps that don’t skimp on functionality. You can include interactive maps, photo galleries, blog/news feeds, embedded and mobile websites, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook sharing, music tracks, soundboards, and integrated advertising.

You can jump right to this page here:

Thanks for the props! You can checkout Andromo App Maker for Android at and start making Android apps without coding – for free!


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