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Android App Store Survey Results

A while ago I posted a survey for Android developers trying to determine which app stores were the most important to them and while the response wasn’t overwhelming (only 103 responses) I thought I would share some of the results that we have collected so far:

Which app stores have you uploaded your app(s) into?


Click on the image for a larger view. The most popular app store (by a long shot) is Google Play. Here are the five most popular app stores in the survey:

  1. Google Play – 91
  2. Amazon AppStore – 52
  3. Samsung Apps – 27
  4. Opera Mobile Store – 23
  5. Yandex – 14

What Are Your Top Five App Stores?

Not much different in the distribution people gave when they votes for their top five app stores:


  1. Google Play – 94
  2. Amazon AppStore – 53
  3. Samsung Apps – 32
  4. Opera Mobile Store – 24
  5. SlideME – 15

The only difference in the top five is last spot where SlideME replaces the Yandex store. I think that this has to do with the fact that SlideME does not allow Andromo apps, and since many of the respondents were Andromo developers they might feel that SlideME is an important app store but have not been able to upload their apps into SlideME just yet.

How important are alternative app stores to you as an Android developer?


Here we can see a pretty even split across all five responses with a majority of developers feeling that alternative app stores are important in some way.


Sadly the number of responses are too small to really get a clue as to how important alternative app stores are to Android developers, but I think that we can conclude a few things from the results:

  1. Google Play is important. Google Play is by far the most important app store to Android developers who responded, which makes sense given that it is considered the premier app store and the default App store for most Android phones sold outside of China.
  2. Alternative App Stores are important. Given the number of different app stores that respondents distributed their apps into I think you can safely say that alternative app stores are important to Android developers. After all most of these stores are free, and if you can get a few more downloads with minimal effort why not?

So what do you think? Do you agree with the survey results? Have you changed your mind since you answered the survey? Let me know in the comments below.

Note: These results would probably have been much different if we could have surveyed Chinese app developers.


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