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9 Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make Every Day

App development mistakes are common, especially for beginners. Building a new app can be exciting. Sadly, without proper knowledge, skills, and tools, it can get frustrating and discouraging.
Mistakes are bound to happen. Luckily, you can avoid those with significant or severe consequences.
Building an app can be costly when crucial mistakes are made. Remember, these mistakes can have far-reaching consequences. A single mistake could result in wastage of resources and affect brand perception.
We believe that you can steer clear of serious mistakes. That’s why in this article, we look at some frequently made mistakes to avoid. Let us begin.

Insufficient research

Research is the cornerstone of any venture. It keeps you updated on technological changes and user preferences.
Proper research allows you to highlight the user’s needs and requirements. You can build a unique, functional, and popular app.
Conduct your research before settling on an app development platform. Ask fellow developers which platform supports your app ideas and look for reviews. Finally, select an affordable and efficient method development option. After all, there are several ways to create an app. They include:

Insufficient testing

One of the biggest app development mistakes is launching the final app without proper testing.
Always consider testing different versions of your app on various platforms to confirm its viability.
Even though app testing has its challenges, you can make it work if you: In-house testing experts can show bias and miss crucial issues. Third-party experts provide objective, reliable feedback.
One aspect of app testing is the use of a minimum viable product (MVP). An MVP is a model of your app that only has the necessary features. You can lose up to 62% of your app users if your app misbehaves. The MVP allows you to test your app’s performance, fix bugs, and correct logical inconsistencies.
You are free to include additional features to your MVP once you confirm that features run smoothly.

Poor financial planning.

Planning is important. You can easily blow through your budget within the first few phases of app development. Remember, you could be paying developers for weeks or even months.
You could request quotes from different development companies to estimate your costs. Set aside extra money for new technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Remember to allocate funds to cover unexpected expenses. This way, your budget stays on track.
Discuss your objectives and needs with your developer before settling on a price.

Poor UX/UI design

42% of people who download an app will uninstall it if it has a poor UI/UX build. A useful UI and UX design give users relevant and meaningful interactions with your app.
You can develop an app with unique and helpful features. Unfortunately, most developers include unnecessary features. These features reduce app performance and impede user experience.
Include relevant features such as navigation, home menu, search option, etc. Afterward, include additional features when releasing updates.
Remember that unnecessary features impede app performance. Your app becomes vulnerable to crashes, errors, and bugs.
They also require more time and money to implement. Additionally, these features increase app size, making users likely delete when phone storage is low.
At Andromo, we create apps with engaging and attractive UX/UI designs.

Trying to copy your website.

Apps and websites serve different purposes. Apps offer features and functions that websites do not have.
Apps have faster data retrieval. They support several features and offer personalization options.
Apps can also leverage device capabilities, such as push notifications and cameras.
We are not saying that your app and website cannot share similarities. However, the similarities should be limited. If your website and app have similar functions, why would anyone download your app?

Poor communication

Building an app is like running a machine. Different parts of the device have to work in unison for it to run. If one part fails or sends the wrong signal, the machine is compromised.
Effective communication allows you to express your ideas, requirements, and objectives to your team.
It also allows the team to communicate difficulties and find solutions. Share your progress and ideas during daily or weekly meetings.

Inefficient cross-platform strategy

Building an app for different platforms is a common app development mistake. While it is possible to create an Android and iOS, these are two separate ventures.
Such a move can cause delays and double your development costs.
You can build an app for both Android and iOS apps using our state-of-the-art app builder, Andromo. We offer friendly rates and slash your timeline.

Hiring an unqualified development team

App development mistakes go past the app development phase.
Remember, you get what you pay for. Most businesses are too price-sensitive and often hire cheap developers who cannot deliver.
Choose a developer who understands and meets your needs.
As a reseller, you also need to find the right developer platform. One that provides support and resources to your clients.

Few or no updates

App development doesn’t end once you publish and launch your app. You need to:
1. Improve compatibility
2. Integrate new tech.
3. Get rid of bugs.
4. Create the ultimate user experience and much more.
Choose an app developer who offers maintenance services and updates long after app development is complete.
Make regular updates say once a month or a few times a month, depending on your users’ needs.


App development mistakes take the fun out of app building. App-building requires planning, testing, and communication. Cut down on these mistakes by using an Andromo developer to build your app. Now that you know what steps to take, enjoy creating your app.


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