A wallpaper app helps you to create the best displays using beautiful wallpapers. The wallpaper images may include your photos, stock images, or panoramic landscapes from Google, Flickr, or another image website. The wallpaper app can organize them in the most exciting ways for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re looking for a viable market to explore, it’s the growing wallpaper apps market. A Mordor Intelligence study reveals that the Wallpaper Market is expected to register a CAGR of 3.59% during the forecasted period of 2020 – 2025. CAGR refers to “Compound Annual Growth Rate,” which is a measure of the return rate over an investment period. It’s a useful business tool for comparing a variety of investments over a similar investment region. As a developer, it’s possible to enjoy a modest level of success in creating a winning product that brings in plenty of profit.

So, before you start wondering how to make a wallpaper Android app, there are a few things to know.

What Use Is a Wallpaper Android App?

A wallpaper app is an outlet for your creative expression. There are a few wallpaper types that you should know about.


Types of Wallpapers

While creating wallpaper apps with Andromo, you may want to know the several ways you may use them.

Use Wallpapers to Remind You of Your Loved Ones

Wallpapers can help keep your loved ones in mind, especially when you're far away from home or at work.

Wallpapers Can Hold Inspirational Quotes

Words are effective tools to transform a person. That's why coaches swear by them and turn the tide of games in an instant. Words can reroute your mentality and inspire productivity. Inspirational quotes are good for getting your day off to a great start or refueling your psyche when you hit rock-bottom at any point during the day. So, how about using your wallpaper to good use by integrating these quotes in it?
Andromo can help you create an Android mobile wallpaper app to serve you copious doses of inspiration throughout the day. They may come from various sources, such as your favorite movies, including some humor and feature memes or cartoon figures.

Wallpapers Can Calm Your Psyche

Relaxation helps you reboot and recharge your batteries for your next assignment. A calming mobile phone home screen can help you zone into that quiet place. The appropriate colors will show up on your screen in patterns that'll instantly relieve you of needless tension. Andromo allows people to create wallpaper app designs with exciting color combinations.

How to Make an Android Wallpaper App

It’s possible to make your wallpaper Android app. And, it’s actually easy because you don’t need any coding knowledge or experience. Using a wallpaper template app can help you create your HD wallpaper app in record time.

Using the template solution, you can have a new and sustainable income stream. All you need to do is select one of the excellent templates at Andromo, replace its content with yours (if you need to), set monetization, and publish it on Google Play. And yes, you don’t need to maintain any servers or do any bulk upload of images.

Using the wallpaper app template will enable your users to choose from various color themes. You can always add new wallpapers to the app. Users should also be able to add and remove wallpapers. Wallpapers can be set as contact images, photo wallpapers, screensavers, or your main dashboard wallpaper. The ad interstitials that show up while the user watches the wallpapers can make the developer some decent amount of money on the side.

Andromo app maker is a convenient way to build all types of native Android apps. You can use Andromo to create a wallpaper app in under thirty minutes. Andromo offers developers a wallpapers app template that app developers may replace with their preferred content. The steps are as follows:

1. Go to the andromo.com website.
2. Click on “Create An App For Free.” The free trial requires no credit card. You can sign up using your Google, Facebook, or another email account.
3. Agree to the Andromo Terms of Service and Andromo Privacy Policy.
4. Click on “Create New Project.” Type in a name for your Android wallpaper app project. It should have at least two characters and not more than 255.
5. Click “Create” when you’re done.
6. Now, you must choose at least one activity for your wallpaper app. Each activity represents something you want your app to do – a feature or functionality that makes your app tick.
7. Click the “+” sign on the “Photo Gallery” activity to add it to your app.
8. Fill in the “Name,” “Subtitle,” and “Description” fields and check the “Build this activity” option.
9. Click “Content” in the Activities sidebar, and leave “Show Index Page,” “Show Descriptions,” “Enable Set-picture-as,” and “Enable Photo Sharing” checked. Add a few photos using the “Add Photo” button.
10. Click on “Style” in the sidebar, and select a style mode from the dropdown.
11. Now click “Images.” You can upload a custom feature image file(JPG or PNG format) of a maximum 1.5 MB, 1440 x 1440 pixel resolution.
12. Choose the image aspect ratio, set a custom image. You may set wide image, or square image features too if you prefer.
13. Tweak other settings on the other tabs as you deem fit.
14. Save changes and click “Build an Unlimited App.”
15. Supply your credit card details if your trial period is over.
16. If you create a wallpaper app using Andromo when users search online for the term “best wallpaper app for Android 2021,” your app could appear on the search results’ first page.


An Android wallpaper app template makes it easy to make Android wallpapers. There are crucial elements in every decent Android wallpaper app, and we’ve captured a few in this article. If you’re seeking an easy way to make a non-trivial wallpaper app, Andromo can help bring your imaginations alive. You don’t need to look further than Andromo for how to make a wallpaper app for Android.