Ankit Banerjee of Android Authority wrote a great article on Andromo App Maker for Android yesterday titled:

App making is easier than ever before with Andromo.’

It’s a must read of course. A couple of choice bits from the article:

With Google pulling support for its Android Inventor service last year (although, it came back from the dead at MIT), app development had become an arcane art only accessible to the initiated. This is where Andromo aims to step in — the tool gives everyone the opportunity to flex their app-creation skills. Indigo Rose claims that over 53,000 apps have been built already, by over 39,000 beta-testers, and that’s before the tool’s official launch. But, if it lives up to its lofty promises, Andromo has the potential to become not only popular, but a true game-changer as well.

Ankit really picked up on something that’s very important to us here at Andromo, and that’s the fact that Andromo makes real, honest-to-goodness Android apps. Not some sort of compromised cross-platform iPhone looking half-app… Tools like that might save you some time, but it’s a false economy.

Android users *hate* downloading apps only to find out they have iOS style button tabs, odd interfaces, limited features and/or poor performance. Do you really want to alienate hundreds of millions of Android users to save yourself 30 minutes? Why do it when you can create 100% native-code Android apps using Andromo?

Unlike cross-platform app creators, Andromo is tailored specifically to produce Android-based applications, allowing users to take advantage of the many functions and features that are unique to Android devices.

You’ll want to read the whole article, which is available at:

It’s very satisfying for us developers when you see something like this, from people who really understand Android and can see why what we’re doing here at Andromo is so darn cool.

Thanks Ankit and everyone at Android Authority – including founders Derek Scott and Darcy Lacouvee. You folk are doing good work! You really ‘get’ Android.

If you’d like to create an Android app – no coding required (and it’s free) – please visit today!

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