Android app development is no longer just for veteran programmers. You can launch your dream Android app with minimal or zero knowledge of coding today. All it takes is the right tools and a desire to enjoy the process.
Once upon a time in recent history, mobile app development meant you had to be good with the native platform language.

The ability to write code was a significant barrier to developing apps that existed in people’s minds. Today, hybrid mobile application technology makes it possible to create apps using the timeless trio of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; non-mobile devs now have a way to build mobile apps.
You’re not a developer of any kind, and you need to develop that mobile app. Plus, you want it for the Android platform. Is it possible? It certainly is.

DIY App Development – The Evolution of Mobile App Builders

One of the important reasons to develop your Android application without coding is the relatively low overhead you’ll incur.

The process is faster and more cost-effective than traditional app development routes. Developing Android apps without coding is now more common than before. It offers better economics to hiring an agency, making it an excellent option for small businesses that require functionality such as coupons, product catalogs, ticket reservations, and so forth.
Many modern mobile app builders make sure you touch no code and still build a robust Android app without previous coding or technical knowledge. You can begin right now.

Some of the services will convert your website to a mobile app. This way, you make everything on your website available on a native mobile app. All the existing functionality of the site will remain, including payment support (if it’s an e-commerce website).

It’s worth noting that a few years ago, using mobile builders to build mobile apps wasn’t as precise an approach as it is today. It was because you could only build static apps – nothing with dynamic features.

However, you may choose to include dynamic widgets, extensions, and streamlined real-time features. It’s likely all that many businesses would need.

Building Your Android App Without Coding

As the most widely used mobile operating system, virtually all websites and services now offer a native app presence on the Android platform. There are a growing number of resources available to anyone who wants to develop an Android app without any real coding. It reduces the need for hiring an Android app development company.

Apps are increasingly popular across the world. Businesses also realize how developing an app can enhance their business. But this often comes at a tremendous financial and technical cost, and many companies would instead ditch the idea altogether.

Even though apps are now essential for thriving in business, many companies lack the resources for coding. Thus, this drawback prompted the creation of a new market where interested people can create apps for mobile platforms, such as Android. This way, companies can build their apps themselves instead of buying. However, before commencing the app-building process, here are things to note:

Research Before You Start

All new projects work best when you begin with research. You’ll need to outline your goals and choose a mobile platform (Android, in this case). Then, consider your market and possible monetization options.

The other elements you need to be aware of before developing your Android app include:

  • Identifying software requirements
  • Creating a project plan
  • Developing the software
  • Launching your app

Test, Test, Test, Your Application

You’re likely used to testing your products after building them. Software products tend to be different. As you develop your app, it’s a good idea to check it continuously. Do this until development is over. It’ll save you plenty of trouble down the road.

Install your app on an Android device and test it in a live environment. This approach makes testing easy.

Factors That Affect Android App Development Time

Level of Functionality/Feature Set

The amount of time you have to launch your app means you need to determine what is essential and what you must leave on a “nice to have” list. These latter features can make it into later versions of your app.


Since you won’t be hiring developers on your project (remember you’re not coding), you’ll spend significantly less money and less time to get your app to launch. Building the app fast will drastically cut down on these costs.

Third-Party Integrations

Your app may need to connect to other services. You need to understand how to implement these Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) correctly. You may also have to figure out how to reconfigure your connection with the updated APIs of third-party services. It’s a necessary task to maintain your app’s functionality.

Publishing to Google Play Store

This step makes your application available to the world.

The App Builder to Bring Your App Ideas to Life

If you’re building mobile apps and want to make money at the same time, there are a few app builders that’ll more than meet your needs. Many app builders who don’t have the faintest idea about coding use Andromo.

Andromo is an Android-focused mobile app building platform that offers a seamless app-building interface to create apps once the ideas hit your mind. It provides native integration with socially-oriented design elements.

Apps you create with Andromo are generated in native Android code, and there’s no hassle while publishing them to the Play Store.

Monetizing Your Application

The Android app mobile market has gained immense popularity, partly due to the abundance of mobile devices. It presents an opportunity to make money with your applications, and Andromo provides this feature for all apps you build on the platform.

The platform’s advertising network and AdMob are vital parts of Andromo’s app monetization scheme.

Time to Develop Your Android App Without Code

You can build highly functional Android apps without touching a single line of code. The technology continues to evolve, and more app builder platforms will support even more third-party integrations to create increasingly dynamic Android apps.

The features Andromo offers compared to pricing makes us a highly affordable option for Android app development. Why not start right now?