An App in the Market or: The Story of a Puck Head – Part Two

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Part two

Continued from Part One.

A few more statistics and thoughts about Puck Head, an Android app made with Andromo that I uploaded to the Android Market. All part of my attempts to understand what makes an Android app popular, and what app makers can do to get more people to use their apps.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well at this point the Puck Head has been out for almost one week, and the downloads seemed to have stagnated at nine active installs, which isn’t that impressive yet. On the plus side according to my AdMob statistics someone is actually using the application. That makes me happy hopefully there is someone out there that actually likes and hopefully uses the app.

Another plus is that I’ve actually got two people to rate the application. One person gave it 5 stars and the other person gave it two. I’m not concerned about the ratings themselves, what does please me is the fact that people have actually taken the time to rate the app.

So far I have done the following to promote this app:

  1. I tweeted about it: tweet
  2. I blogged about it in: part one of this series
  3. I posted a note about the blog post on google+
  4. I tweeted about the blog post: tweet
  5. I started a thread about the app on the Andromo forums: thread

Really this isn’t that much in the form of promotion, but it does get the link out there to a handful of the people that follow me, or pay attention to what I write.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

We released Andromo 1.5 on December 8th with the Custom Page action and numerous bug fixes so I decided to upload a new version of Puck Head. I didn’t add any new activities to the app, I simply built with the new version of Andromo to give my users access to the fixes once they updated the app.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I tweeted another link to the app in the market
Tweeted about it again: tweet and posted a quick note on google+. I’ve been too busy working on Andromo to do much more!

Monday, December 12, 2011

So the app has been in the market for about 19 days, so let’s see where are are:

So far Puck Head has been able to get 59 people to install it in total and 32 that actively have it installed on their device. Not terrible, but not really that great either. Looking at everything that I’ve done (and it really hasn’t been that much) the one event that seemed to have the most impact was when I published version If you look at the above screen shot you can see that the biggest spike was when I updated Puck Head to in the market on December 8th. That got me an additional 7 users, which doesn’t sound like that much but accounts for about 22% of my user base.

What I’ve Learned So Far

I don’t know if I’ve learned anything so far, it’s been too soon, and the numbers are too small. But I have two theories so far:

  • People notice when you update you app: I think it has something to do with some of the app scraping websites out there, but when you release an update it seems to attract people.
  • Screen shots help: Putting a little bit of time an effort into the screenshots you put in your Android Market listing. When people see screenshots I think that they trust the app a little bit more than those apps without screenshots. I know it’s a bit of work, but we have a tutorial for that. Plus if I’m right it will help you get a few more users.

To be continued when I get some more results…