Andromo introducing the most flexible revenue model yet.

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Subscription plans

Learn more about our subscription plans and their key benefits.

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Advanced monetization

Discover the details about our new Advanced monetization model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for most important questions around our new model.

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We want to make sure our platform will match your growth.

For the past year, we had to significantly change our team, our product, and our strategy in order to start bringing you features and tools that will help to build better, more engaging apps for you and your clients.
In order to provide a sustainable model for your growth, we have following subscription plans to match every level of developers.

Hobbyist plan

Perfect to make first steps or nonprofit Apps.

No monetization

30 projects

2GB storage

Standard support


per month


per year

21 days free trial for Advanced monetization

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Pro Plan

Perfect for content creators and small entrepreneurs.

Standard monetization

300 projects

10GB storage

Standard support


per month


per year

21 days free trial for Advanced monetization

No Impressions commission

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Ultra Plan

Perfect for professional App creators and business development.

Advanced monetization

Unlimited projects

100GB storage

Priority support


per month


per year

+ Impressions commission

Impressions commission prices

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You can now achieve more with Ultra Plan.

Our platform has two major monetization models that cover both newbies and advanced users.
You can start with a Standard monetization model and build your first App in no time.
Switch to an Advanced monetization model when you are ready to maximize the financial return in your Apps.

Advanced monetization approach for your Apps.

Splash screen

Splash screen allows showing AdMob Interstitial ads before entering the App and preloads Interstitial ads cache making sure ads impressions are consistent throughout the App.

Ad frequency adjustment

Our new Advanced monetization model allows adjusting the frequency of AdMob Interstitial ads in your App from 30 seconds to 24 hours, allowing you to pick optimal timing for your revenue.

Budget tracking

Every user of the Advanced monetization model will have access to data around their budget and ad viewership throughout Apps built with Andromo.

Optimized Android SDK

Andromo has updated it's platform framework and implemented the most relevant Google AdMob SDK which will make your Apps compliant with Play Market requirements.

Simple ways to maximize the return on investment for all your Apps

Up to


The revenue increase
AdMob Interstitial Ads

Use the relevant SDK

Update your App and make sure users will update Apps on their devices.

Multiple activities

Create multiple activities in your Apps to increase Interstitial impressions.

Engage your users

Use push notifications to ask users to upgrade their Apps after launching Advanced monetization and engage them to return to your App and view ads.

Promote your app

Use Google & Facebook to promote your App and get more installs.

Here are the key points of our model.

Monetization commission

Our Advanced monetization services will be supported by monetization commission which is a fee paid to Andromo for Interstitial impressions. It will be correlated to the Interstitial ads pricing by countries.

Your projects policy

Your projects will be deleted from our system if the subscription has not been renewed for more then 30 days after the end of the previous subscription period.

No ads for inactive accounts

Ads monetization will be disabled for App of developers with inactive Andromo subscription.

Track monetization budget

Always make sure your monetization budget is enough to run ads in your Apps.

Impressions commission in Advanced monetization

In order to run ads successfully in your App it will be required for you to book impressions in our system with “Impressions budget”.

Your monetization will work only if you have a positive monetization budget on your account. Andromo calculates it according to the interstitial ads pricing by countries and it is being recalculated every 1st day of each month. You can check the prices on impressions here.

*Amount of impressions may vary depending on the region.

Got questions?

What is the difference between Standard and Advanced monetization?

Advanced monetization allows you to change interstitial ads frequency down to 30 seconds and set a Splash screen on your App, which can significantly increase your fill rate and revenue. Standard monetization is the same as at the current Pro plan.

What is the difference between Standard and Priority support?

Requests of Ultra subscribers to support will be processed in a priority order. At the same time, we are constantly working to improve the quality and speed of support for all customers.

What is an impressions commission?

It is a fee paid to Andromo for impressions in order to maintain Advanced monetization. Such commission is applied only for Ultra plan.

How does impressions commission work?

Ultra Plan users will be able to get upgraded monetization options (Interstitial frequency changing, Splash screen). In order to run ads in this package, developers will have to book impressions which will be available in their Business page (10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$, 1000$). This price is actually a commission, which developer pays to Andromo for having the access to upgraded monetization options.

Can you show an example?

For example, the dev buys a $10 action pack which means that his Apps have available interstitial impressions in most cases equivalent to the estimate fluctuating from $65 to $250 revenue. The commission amount depends on efficiency of ads monetization performed by the developer (number of clicks per 1,000 impressions).

How is an impressions commission calculated?

Andromo calculates it according to the interstitial ads pricing by countries and it is being recalculated every 1st day of each month. You can check the impressions commission prices

What if Andromo Interstitial ads statistics and my AdMob stats are different?

There can be a mismatch in statistics on certain days because of different time zones of servers. For a more accurate analysis of statistics use a date period of 7 days or more. Also, keep in mind that not all your users will have updated Apps at once, whereas our statistics will be calculated according to updated Apps only.

How can I update Impressions budget?

Ultra plan users have such an option on their Business page.

What happens if I am out of impressions and I forget to buy more?

You can go into overdraft for 7 days. If you don’t book new impressions after that, interstitial ads will change to Standard monetization mode (no Splash screen, 2 minutes interstitial ads frequency).

How can I switch to a new plan?

Simply go to the upgrade section in your account menu. Your old subscription days will be recalculated and you will get a proportional quantity of days according to a new plan price.

What happens to my old plan if I choose a new one?

Your old subscription days will be recalculated and you will get a proportional quantity of days according to a new plan price

My current plan is prepaid and will expire within 2 months and I do not want to change anything. What should I do?

You can stay on your plan, and you can never upgrade it if you don’t want to. The only thing is that you will never be able to rebuild your App after your subscription expires and it will be deleted from Andromo. It will keep working in Google Play Market until some crucial updates will be required.

Can I monetize my traffic using ads through the Hobbyist Plan?

Hobbyist plan is for newcomers to train their skills in App building or to build an App for a hobby. We don’t support ads in that plan. Our efforts are concentrated on Pro and Ultra plans in order to provide high value experience in ads monetizing for our developers.

Can I test your new subscription plan for free?

Yes, Hobbyist and Pro users will have an opportunity to get Advanced monetization features (Splash screen, down to 30s Interstitial ads frequency) for a 21 day trial.

Will my app continue to function after changing or cancelling the subscription?

In case the subscription expires, the App stops running interstitial ads and we will keep your data for up to six months after you ceased paying (or one year for Ultra users). It will still be available in Google Play.

Stay tuned for more updates coming from Andromo.