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Adding StartApp ads to your Android apps

By August 8, 2014November 23rd, 2020No Comments

StartApp is a new addition to the ad networks that Andromo developers can use to monetize their Android apps. Adding StartApp banners and/or interstitials to your app is a very simple procedure much like other ad networks:

  1. Register for a StartApp Developer Account
  2. Add your App to StartApp
  3. Add your StartApp Developer ID and App ID to your Andromo App
  4. Build and Test Your App

Register for a StartApp Developer Account

The first step is to register for a StartApp Developer Account:

After registering you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions for activating your account.

Add your App to StartApp

After confirming your account, you’ll see a Getting Started page containing an “Add App” button:


Choose “Android” as the App Platform, and enter your app’s package name in the “App Package Name” field. You can find your app’s package name on the “App Info” tab of your Andromo project:

Once you’ve entered your package name, press the “Get Info” button. StartApp will attempt to search for your app’s name and description if it’s been published already. If you’ve yet to publish your app, you’ll be asked if your app is live or not and to provide it’s name and description as shown below. Press the “Continue” button when you’re done:

On the Choose SDK page, select “InApp SDK” and press the “Continue” button:

After pressing the “Continue” button, you’ll see the SDK Integration page. You don’t need to worry about the download SDK or integration manual options since we’ve handled that step for you. However on that page you’ll find your StartApp “Developer ID” and “App ID” that you’ll need in Andromo, so copy those values for the next step.

Add your StartApp Developer ID and App ID to your Andromo App

Now that you have your StartApp “Developer ID” and “App ID”, all you need to do is enable StartApp banners and/or interstitials in your Andromo app and enter those IDs. The same IDs apply to both banners and interstitials. You can enable StartApp in your app and enter these values on the Monetization tab of your Andromo project.

Build and Test Your App

After you’ve enabled StartApp and entered your IDs, rebuild your app and test it to make sure you’re seeing the new banners and/or interstitials.