The word is spreading about Andromo App Maker for Android!

Hot off the press is a new article from ACSyndicate (“from spontaneous ingenuity, comes creative brilliance”), titled: Don’t Know How To Code? Want To Make Your Own App? Andromo.

Awesome title – really sums up Andromo! Then it just gets better…

Hey everyone, artifintel here with what may be the coolest news ever! Have you always wished you could make your own apps, but have no idea what to do with the Android SDK? Do you not have a clue whatsoever when it comes to programming? Well, why waste the brain space with all that unnecessary information, today we have Andromo.

It is the coolest news ever! Thanks artifintel.

They really picked up on some of the most interesting parts of Andromo too. It’s sometimes difficult for us to explain all the ‘insider’ stuff that makes Andromo so different from other ‘app makers’, but ACSyndicate nails it:

Andromo users can customize the way their apps look, sounds and do whatever they choose it to. There’s a long list of features to choose from that include interactive maps, Facebook feeds, RSS feeds and a grocery list of more.

Before you start thinking “This is going to be some cookie-cutter app.”, that’s just not the case here.

I don’t want to give away too much here – you’ll want to go read the full article for yourself – but, I couldn’t resist one last quote:

Maybe you will strike it rich with your breakthrough app! Andromo apps generate income via ads, although you will share 50% of profit with Andromo. This is not too bad when you understand your app wouldn’t be here without Andromo. … it’s free so now there’s no excuse not to follow your dreams!

I couldn’t say it any better myself.

Thanks for the great article!

Now, go read the article, and then head on over to and make an Android app for yourself. Then make a few more. What have you got to lose? Go on – give it a try!