A Week’s Roundup

By July 15, 2011July 29th, 2011No Comments

This week was my first week back after going on a road-trip vacation (4500km no less) with my wife and young son, and I had a lot of catching up to do.  Andromo is moving forward at a very rapid rate at this point and this week was no exception. The biggest news for this week as our first successful build on the server. You can read more about it here: Milestone: First Successful Android App Build We’ve been building locally for a while but this was the first successful server-side build.

We also solved some ListView multi-threading issues that have been plaguing us for a while. We had everything working, but ran into problems with the multiple threads and the way in which the ListView recycles views as you scroll. Everything seems to be working properly now, so we’ve moved on to other bugs and new features. Tim Bray has a good article with some tips and sample code that may help you if you’ve run into similar problems: Multithreading For Performance

On a Git related note (since I blogged about Git last time): since we are nearing the public phase of Andromo we needed to shore up our Git usage so that we don’t let any test or “in development” code sneak its way into the server. As a result I went searching for a nice way to keep branches separate and found a fantastic article written by Vincent Driessen: A successful Git branching model. If you are looking for a well thought out branching strategy then you really need to give this article a read.

Onwards and upwards, I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to report next week. For the testing that is.