Creating apps by yourself will not take forever, costing you billions, if you do it with the help of an Android app creator.

Seems like cell phones have recently replaced the whole world of old school communications, including personal one-to-one contact and mass media. All we do is adjust to new ways of posting, spreading and transforming information. And of course we as average users prefer apps to browsers – because they are much faster, convenient, they remember our previous choices, they select the most relevant content for us automatically. So, basically, we love them, because they do so much boring work instead of us and save our time for enjoying life.

Once you have realized that the app market suffers from lack of specific kind of applications, or if you cannot find an app matching your activity / tools request, or if you feel like your income is notably suffering because you only manage your business through the website – you may want to fulfil this gap with your own hand.

At this point you have a short list of opportunities to choose from. The most obvious is to get extra programmer skills – but of course you will have to pay for this piece of knowledge by your money and time. Also you can hire a team of professionals – but here, in addition to two previous expense items, your energy is also in a risk zone: who guarantees that you will find a complete understanding with outsource guys in the shortest period of time? Right, nobody. Here is a hint: nothing is better than relying on yourself in the first place. That is the very moment when platforms for creating apps from scratch jump in into the game. We strongly recommend starting from free options in order to choose the platform that satisfies all of your needs at the highest level.

Here comes a resume of what you will find googling “android app builder free”.

  • Chrome App Builder. It is free for registered Chrome OS users. You may use web applications that already exist or create your own kiosk app. The main disadvantage is that this platform requires basic coding skills. You will have to create HTML-files, JavaScript files etc etc. Sounds kind of scary for those who have never heard those words before.
  • Android Studio. Easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction on how to create an app. Assumes knowing either Kotlin or Java programming language.
  • Mobikul. Creates apps only for e-commerce platforms, which makes launching entertaining content apps impossible.
  • PrestaMobApp – fully functional app builder for both Android and IOS. Gives an opportunity for creation apps without coding. Be ready to pay for publishing your app on AppStore or Google Play.
  • Buzztouch. You are asked to install some plugins in order to start creating apps. deserves to be separated from this list as the most outstanding and quickly developing platform – let it be your main guide into the universe of online Android app creators.

Once the idea of the app you have come up with is full – you may start working on it through Andromo. Nobody requires knowing special programmer languages, writing codes, being a graphic designer even. You may just use the tools given to easily construct the application you have been dreaming about. And one more benefit – getting to know this platform is like a free test drive – you just use Android app creator online.

First of all, you work on your app info. Add an application name that should differ your product from analogues. Next – you design styles. Try to imagine mini brand book of your app as visual figuration rules of what your app should represent. Choose corporate app colors which should associate with the app fulfillment, basic aim and core values.

And here we go straightforward to the main part which highlights Andromo platform among others. Building your app and adding activities. Again – no necessity of using any coding skills. Just press ‘Build my app’ button – and the platform will automatically construct the skeleton of your app so that you are ready to add activities.

Try Easy Start

Which are actually the thing that brings unique value to your product. Apps created by Andromo contain a Dashboard with selective tools. The Dashboard is basically a home screen of an application a user can navigate through. This is what users see while first opening the app, this is where they can open items and apply them. It is an easy-to-orientate list of app options that you – could you even imagine that? – have recently created BY YOURSELF without coding. Like, mama imma programmer.

Here comes a list of top activities you can implement into your application using Andromo platform:

Youtube activity

Allows you to add video content from YouTube to the app

Website activity

Rebuilding and representing website tools and options to mobile version

Twitter activity

Up to three separate twitter timelines represented in your app

Radio activity

Streaming from the Internet or radio station

Rss News activity

Taking ready-to-be-read syndicated content from the web

Podcast activity

Displaying iTunes podcast database in your app

Photo Gallery activity

Sounds quite clear, doesn’t it?

Phone activity

The ability to contact you with one click

PDF activity

Adding PDF file to an application

Map activity

Interactive maps with an option of defining your location

Google Play activity

tappable link to other apps from Google Play

Facebook activity

Implementing the whole FB page there

Email activity

An opportunity for sending emails directly through the app

Custom Page activity

A perfect one for informational pages with corporate data, core values etc

Audio Player activity

User’s personal player

So, as you can see, it is more than possible to become the Creator. Let us see what comes for free, in short words – how to find and use free Android app builder.

With you will have 14 days of trial period, which is completely free. This time is more than enough to touch the builder with your own hands, discover its tools arsenal. You can experiment with activities and decide, whether or not the functional given is enough for you to create your dream app. Trial period, though, has some restrictions, as it is getting to know the platform process, the user will not be able to release the app through Google Play or set advertising. When you are determined you want to keep going to success using Andromo, you buy a Hobbyist subscription plan (10$ per month or 96$ per year). And the magic begins! Now you have access to all the activities, and the app may travel directly to Google Play right after being developed. Thinking about the price any professional programmer would ask for this work – this subscription option seems to be coming almost for free!

And one final point – you may not want to stop at this stage – that is why you go further and buy Pro or Ultra subscription plans which both allow you to monetize apps through implementing advertising there. Ultra plan is a bit more expensive compared to Pro, but it gives you more flexible opportunities in terms of frequency of ad run. Moreover, developers have extra features that give more revenue from advertising.

Regard it as your motivation to start building your own business monetizing your applications. Do not pay extra – use a free trial period, and believe us: soon you will realise that developing applications is your key to new – higher – life & career level.