How to create an easy Android app without knowing how to program? Where to start and how to get to the very end?

Here is the algorithm. You create an account on Automatically you receive a 14 days free trial period. This is a perfect opportunity for testing the builder, understanding how it works if it satisfies all of your requests. Then you go further and buy a subscription, which gives you full access to the functions and tools of a platform.

You choose from two subscription options – monthly and annual packages. With the second option, you will have a 25 percent discount compared to the monthly plan.

Now you would like to try all suggested functional packages.

Digitalization. Robotization. Technical progress. Let us ask – how many times during the last three months have you heard these words? How often do you actually use them by yourself? We bet the answer would be, ‘well, pretty frequently, to be completely honest.’ That unavoidably leads us to one crucial conclusion: the nearest future is about technologies. We consume information, food, smells, even feelings – nearly EVERYTHING – created or delivered to us by and because of technologies.

The next question is – what will you choose: being a calm, passive consumer, or becoming a creator, leader of the generation? We are guessing that, if you are reading this article, you are more likely to be outstanding and create trends. Perhaps, the most obvious way to curb the progress and guide the audience into direction YOU choose is to become a programmer.

Undoubtedly, today a programmer stands out from an endless list of professions. Wonder why? On the background of quickly changing reality, it is the most demanded set of skills that only programmers possess. And being a good, qualitative programmer gives you many privileges and substantially increases your income level. But you also invest in this huge success anyways – spend your time, energy, and money. Precious knowledge never comes for free.

Oh, wait. What if you do NOT need tons of extra information? What if creating Android app from scratch is not as complicated as it sounds? What if someone has already invented ready-to-use skeletons of future programs and applications, and the only thing you need is to come up with an idea and to fulfill form with sense? Yes, it is absolutely right that the world is developing too fast, far faster than the speed of light. And those who keep pace with the latest progress achievements simplified our lives. Coding basics are already packed and implemented in full-fledged innovations. One of them is a mobile app builder.

In 2020, the number of smartphone users equals 3.5 billion. Statistics forecast that in the next few years, this number increases to 3.8 billion people. Now try to count how many apps you use daily and imagine the role of applications in our generation’s everyday lives. Crazy.

So you just have to decide if you would like to make an input into the app industry. Your wish to develop apps is essential; an absence of coding skills does not matter. Instead of custom mobile online app, why don’t you save your money and energy and use builder services? Professional programmers with decades of experience have already invented platforms for your oeuvre. You are offered just to implement your unique ideas, your select content into an excellent cover – the cover is called an application. We will provide you with instructions on how to do that, but by now – let’s plan your next steps:


Do your research of competitors and think, how can you make it better.


Specifics of your target audience should be taken into account – what will you offer? What is your uniqueness?


Calculate your budget and make your plans according to it


Decide what mobile app builder platform suits you the best


Answer yourself: what kind of app do you need? What it’s activities will be?


Try to forecast how you will monetize your app. This will aim you.

A huge variety of platforms work as constructors – they collect and implement all possible kinds of activities, content, and structurize them into an app form. Only you as a platform user slash developer decide how it will look, what it will be aimed for, and what type of content it will consist of.

Now it is a perfect time for introducing, an international leader on a marketplace for the past ten years – and this platform is rapidly developing. Now it allows creating apps for Android and launching them through Google Play, but very soon, the platform is renewing with the added possibility to create IOS apps. Again – no specific programming skills, no knowing any coding languages required.


The most affordable among them (10$ per month or 96$ per year). It is perfect for developing apps as a hobby or for personal needs. An ability to launch an advertising campaign through the app is restricted, which means you cannot monetize your work and time at this stage.


When you are all good with the platform’s tools, it is the right time to move to Pro package (28$ per month or 252$ per year). You can start earning money from your apps – the aim will be to attract maximum advertisers with your relevant content so that they would love to run an ad campaign specifically through your app.


If you feel like you are ready for all the privileged functions, try Ultra package (48$ per month or 432$ per year). You have no more restrictions on the number of apps you create and the space they take. Once you pay for a subscription – you are free to develop dozens, hundreds, thousands of apps – we are pretty sure you have more than enough motivation and inspiration for that.

When you are standing on the doorstep of your qualitatively new life stage, it is vital not to doubt yourself for a single second. Believe that you are good enough. Do not hide behind excuses that you lack knowledge, experience, time, or anything else. All the opportunities are already given to you – just never stop doing. And sooner than you think, you will realize that developing an incredibly cool app is no longer a pipe dream. It is just about an effort.