Making an app is only half a success; the question nowadays is – how to make the best Android app AND monetize it?

Applications have overwhelmed our reality. The everyday life of an average person half consists of producing, sharing, and consuming information through mobile devices. For someone, it is pretty hard even to imagine falling asleep without screen light.

And the main task of a developer is to benefit from the situation. When you channel your energy into a profitable direction, you cannot fail. Today we are here to explain methods of earning money from every app you have built.

There exist several ways of monetizing your app – some of them require being riskier, or prudent, or lucky.

Let’s start with an in-app subscription. Here, a person gets an opportunity to use the app’s functions and activities only for a paid subscription period. On the one hand, it sounds highly prospectively. On the other hand, this option can only be possible for market-leading apps.

A few things are necessary if you want to develop such an application. You come up with a unique idea that has the potential to become a trend. You pay attention to how it is executed – quality is imperative. And – warning, your wallet will start crying immediately – you run a costly promotion. In the end, this way is fantastic but expensive. The only chance to succeed is to be an expert in what you are promoting.

The second option is the paid application. If you want a user to pay for just downloading your app, you obligatory should give him/her a value, some unique and essential. Otherwise, what would be the reason for bidding farewell to money?

You should be prepared to spend tons of time and resources to find out what your product’s value is, implement it, accustom users to it, and make them pay for it. Actually, overthink the statistics: more than 90% of apps are free.

A prevalent method of receiving income is implementing advertising in apps. We are not taking small business apps into account right now. Imagine that you have developed a content app with unique and fascinating content of specific topics (or multi-thematic) – ringtones, wallpapers, books, radio, articles, whatever. And people are sharing and following your interests; they regard an app as a source of rare and select information.

Advertisers would love to run their promotions inside your app, because a) it is accessible and in demand, and b) it is easy for them to pick up a target audience that would match their request. Now fancy what new money horizons will you open if you create multiple apps of various niches!

Such applications can be quickly developed on specific online app builders. What is the best android app maker then? Please meet, a platform that takes a leading market position for ten years in a row. It constructs your ideas altogether, adds activities, and packs it into applications. What is more, using Andromo subscription, you will have endless potential – it allows you to develop as many content apps as you want, it only comes to your effort and inspiration.

When it comes to putting an advertisement inside the app, it can be divided into several groups. The simplest way of representing your brand is a static banner. The next level is the interstitial ad materials. It is the thing you see between pages, you are obligated to watch it for a few seconds, and then you may turn it off with the help of X-button. The rewarded video is similar to the previous type, but it assumes watching a video until the end so that a user can get a bonus in the app. An advanced stage is about the native advertisement – those ad blocks are organically implemented inside the content, and it relates to the content so much that you can hardly ever distinguish one from another.

Currently, you can implement two first advertising options into apps developed on Andromo. But in the nearest future, we expect a significant renovation of the platform. They will add a possibility for launching native ads and rewarded videos, and you will also be able to create applications for IOS. Sounds perfect to us. The further – the more: soon, Andromo will renew and appear as the first flutter-based builder!

Now we would like to help you decide on the most suitable option. Are you seriously tuned in developing a paid app or an app with a paid subscription? Then we would strongly recommend you to be confident about yourself and your future success. As you may have realized, creating such an app is a costly process in all senses. So one shot – one hit, no options, no exceptions. If you are leaning towards monetizing apps through ads implementing – here you go.

The beauty of Andromo hides in the fact that you have multiple chances to win. And we can explain why. After 14 days of the trial period, you are asked to buy a subscription, launch your applications on Google Play, and implement advertising there. Andromo has three subscription options.


$ 10

Per Month

96$ per year

Elementary package perfect for developing apps as a hobby.

ProMost Popular

$ 28

Per Month

252$ per year

Most common option. Here it will be possible to launch promotions and get money from advertisers. The number of apps you are allowed to create is limited.

Subscribe Now


$ 48

Per Month

432$ per year

This package does not restrict you in terms of your productivity, so you can develop as many apps per day as you like. And only here, you will have the most flexible settings in terms of ad run frequency.

The more apps you develop – the more enrichment chances you have. Do not be afraid to experiment. Try testing various niches for a different audience, make dozens of apps daily until you find your recipe of satisfying income level by creating apps that find a ready market.

Eventually, what is the best Android app to make money? Well, you decide. Now you are aware of all the risks and opportunities.