Have you ever thought of using app builder software before? Or have you thought of taking software development offshore to meet with the demands of time while keeping your cost low?

If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions, then now is the perfect time to use app builder and launch your app for your business.

According to a 2018 survey by Clutch, 42% of small businesses in the US have mobile apps, 30% are planning to have one, and the remaining 28% simply says no. In a separate survey also by Clutch, they found out that 55% of the small businesses with mobile apps are owned by millennials. The question now is, “Where does your business stand?”

Without a doubt, the mobile app is dominating the world. In the ‘State of Mobile 2019 Report’ by App Annie, consumers downloaded 194 billion apps in 2018. With this number, it’s harder to think of reasons not to use app builder online for your business.

Catch Up or Die

Remember, not so long ago the CEO of Nokia said, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” And while at some point it can be true, we can’t deny that what happened with them can be attributed to the company’s failure to embrace change, to listen and to act in response with the shifting demands of time. As Ziyad Jawabra, a credible trainer and facilitator in leadership and management, said, “You don’t have to do anything wrong, as long as your competitors catch the wave and do it right, you can lose out and fail.”

Today, we can see the trend in the mobile experience of consumers. A lot of entrepreneurs are starting to see the value of creating a mobile app for their business to stay connected with their target market and adapt to change. Some might be scratching their heads thinking about how to create an app from scratch. But the truth is you don’t even need to bother about this. There are several SaaS solutions that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Before you even worry about the app builder pricing, which is reasonable, it’s more important that you understand why you should act on this demand now.

Reasons Why You Should Use an App Builder for Your Business

1. Connect With Your Customers

Today, the number of smartphone users worldwide surpassed the three billion mark, and it is expected to grow by several hundred million in the following years. This is according to Statista, the leading business data platform globally, which gives insights and facts to more than 500
countries and across 600 industries.

You can just imagine the time each person spends using his smartphone every day. If your business has a mobile app, your chance of connecting to your target market is further increased. But, it doesn’t mean that every mobile app will be successful. The success of your app will still depend on your customers’ experience. Hence, it is also important to know what type of app to build for your business.

2. Provide Value to Your Customers

We couldn’t emphasize enough the significance of making your customers’ lives easier. The importance of API integration is very much visible with the use of mobile apps. API eases businesses and benefits customers.

Another way to give value to your customers is with the implementation of a loyalty program where your customers can gain points and/or collect their rewards using your mobile app. This can encourage your customers to use your app more often and it will also invite more downloads and more return and happy customers. There are various ideas you can try to turn into an app.

3. Increase Brand Recognition

Branding has a crucial role in the success of every business. It’s what sets the extraordinary from the ordinary. Two businesses can sell the same products, but if the other one has a better branding, then they can surely rake in more sales selling the same products (even with a higher price tag) as their competitor.

Look around you and observe your competitors. Do they have a mobile app for their business? If not, then good, you already have an advantage if you will launch your app soon. If they do, then the more that you need to catch up. Your advantage is that you can observe what they did with their app and you can improve yours based on their app’s strengths and weaknesses. With the right software implementation, optimizing your processes will surely be successful.

4. Stand Out in Your Market

Like what was said earlier, 42% of small businesses in the US already have a mobile app for their business. Hence, almost half of your competitors already dove in the trend. You might think that it’s quite late for you to join the bandwagon, but success in the mobile app trend doesn’t come on a first-come-first-served basis. At the end of the day, customers will choose an app and will keep on using it if they find it useful. So before you take the plunge, ask yourself what can your mobile app offer to your target customers?

5. Improve Your Sales

Take advantage of the paradigm shift of searching for products and services from laptops to smartphones. It’s no longer surprising since the latter is more accessible, convenient to use and portable. With mobile apps, customers can readily see your products, services, upcoming events, announcements, and promos, making it easier for them to arrive at a purchasing decision.

In the 2019 report of Yes Marketing entitled, “Surviving the Retail Apocalypse,” they found out that 57% of the 1000 consumers that they surveyed are using a retailer’s mobile app while they are shopping in-store. This only shows the potential of a shop’s app to generate more sales
and increase customer satisfaction.

All Hands on Deck – What’s Your Next Move?

Now that you have gotten a taste of the numerous benefits of having your mobile app and using app builder for your business, we are just leaving it all for you to decide. If you feel that it is high time for your business to have its app, then these two steps can help you with your next moves.

Hire a designer or a developer. You can choose this option if you are concerned about the design details of your app, as well as the technicalities in building a user-friendly mobile app. While searching for a credible designer and/or developer either online or through word of mouth, you can also check their portfolio and look for reviews to give you a better idea of their current standing in the industry.

Use a DIY mobile app builder. There are several app builders online that would allow you to personally create your business or personal app even if you don’t have coding skills at all. App builder like Andromo provides a quick app development option in just three easy steps. At present, 1.1 million people are using Andromo to build apps, with each user creating an average of 20 apps per day. If you want to give it a try first, you can take advantage of the free 30-day trial period.

Without a doubt, using an app builder is one of the vital steps that you need to look into as you grow your business. Every decision that you make today can either set a weak or solid foundation that could create a great impact on the future of your business.