Just one question. Do you have doubts that an app builder for business will enlarge your income and create fundamentally new relations with your audience? If yes, we are here to prove to you otherwise.

A survey of Clutch, conducted in 2018, shows that 42% of small businesses in the United States have developed mobile apps, about 30% are planning to create it, and only 28% have decided that it’s unnecessary. Another their independent survey proves that 55% of owners of small businesses with applications for cell phones are millennials. This only reminds us of the fact that the mobile app rules the world. According to the ‘State of Mobile 2020 Report’ by App Annie, various apps were downloaded by users 204 billion times in 2019, which is an absolute record. So if you are still searching for a reason for developing your own app, you better find at least one reason why not.

Keep abreast

A CEO of Nokia once said, ‘We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.’ The thing is, the demands of time are mutating too quickly. Once you’ve decided to stop catching up with them – you lost. But even surfing on waves of progress is not enough anymore. To truly succeed, you have to predict trends and tendencies.
Nowadays, the majority of entrepreneurs have realized the extreme value of business app makers. And we don’t need to explain why. Obviously, apps help your business stay connected to clients/customers, and they are much more flexible towards changes than old school websites. Many business owners still puzzle over trying to come up with the idea of creating an app from scratch. But the good news is, you don’t need any specific programmer skills or specialized knowledge for that. Constructor platforms are just a perfect solution – the best app builder for small business already exists, relax.

Don’t start bothering about the price you will have to pay for it in the first place. Your priority task is to define why it is crucial, particularly for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should build a mobile app for your business.


Connection with customers

According to Statista, a leader among global business data platforms, in 2020, about 3.5 billion people are using smartphones. In the next few years, this number will grow to 3.8 billion marks. Just think about the amount of time an average user spends with his cell phone screen turned on. If you have a mobile app for your business, this will vastly improve qualitative interaction with the target audience. But of course, nobody guarantees that just the fact that you have an app itself will bring you enormous success. No. The most important is, what type of app you develop and whether it corresponds to customer’s requests.


Give the customer a value

Build an app for your business that solves customer’s problems. In other words, the product you create should simplify the user’s life to gain some popularity. A person is highly interested in what you do if there is a benefit for him/her.
Think of implementing some loyalty programs so that customers could collect points and receive bonuses. That’s how people interact with your app; that’s how they become more and more encouraged to use it often. As a result, your app will be frequently downloaded, and your customers will feel a deep connection to your business.


Make customers recognize your brand

Branding is key to leadership. It defines your product and highlights it, among other options. Let’s simulate a situation. On the market exist two products with similar characteristics and provide users with the same abilities, activities, etc. How should a person choose between those two in this case? By product face, or, briefly, by branding. It represents your brand’s concept, values, philosophy, goals, and meaning. Well, and a taste, by the way.
Study and analyze your competitors. Who are they, and what are they about, according to their brand books? Do they have an app? If not, you have a right to say, ‘Great! I have an empty field, which gives me plenty of perspectives and opportunities. Now I can build an app for my business and settle trends’. If they did develop apps already – then learn from them! Use your role as an observer wisely. Overcome their advantages, fix their mistakes, and become outstanding, the very best of them.


Cut a dash on the market

We’ve mentioned before that 42% of American small businesses have already developed apps for their goods. Congrats, half of your opponents are in a big game. But no worries, it’s never too late to start. And to launch a masterpiece that has never existed before. The rule is simple: people choose apps that they find the most useful at the moment. Ask yourself a few times: what can your application offer to users?


Push your sales

The 2019 report of Yes Marketing called ‘Surviving the Retail Apocalypse’ claims that 57% of 1000 surveyed consumers go online shopping and buy things through the retailer’s mobile app. For a potential client, your app will become a source of information about an assortment of your products, services, announcements, news, etc. It influences a person’s purchasing power. As a result of the app’s convenience, simplicity, and aesthetic aspect, businesses with apps generate much more sales than others that avoid this instrument.

So what’s the plan?

We have a hope that by now, you have calculated numerous advantages of developing an app for your company or product. Now it’s time to tell about two next steps briefly.


Use the help of a professional designer. We recommend you be concerned about your brand’s visual representation – pay attention to details and be careful with the unified style and concept. It’s much more profitable for you to develop a user-friendly mobile app. Check portfolios before hiring employees, your two visions of future products should match. Choose a designer that plunges deeply and understands complicated world trends.


Use the best app builder for business. It is incredibly easy to create your app personally without knowing coding languages and operating a huge set of programmer skills. Andromo.com provides an option of super quick app development. Numbers impress: for now, 1.1 million people have become Andromo users, an average user creates 20 applications per day! How does it sound to you? No hurry, you can touch a builder and its activities with a hand during 14 days of the free trial period.

Do not refuse an opportunity to improve your business and increase your sales without giving it a try. Trust us, developing apps for your business is an excellent input to your future.