App Monetization: What is that About?

You have finally realized your dream. You’ve developed a customer-oriented app that’ll make it easier for your audience to access your content and services. However, creating the app is only the first step. How can the mobile app generate income? The strategies and measures involved in making money from your app is the essence of app monetization.

App monetization refers to the different measures you undertake to make money through an app without outrightly selling the app to users. As a general rule of thumb, users prefer free apps. People are quick to back away from the idea of paying for apps. It’s the reason sellers have to find a way to make money from the app while still offering mostly free services.

Monetizing Your App with Ads

Digital Ads are the most popular app monetization ideas for most app creators. Developers use these ads to enhance brand awareness and notify the public about new products. By using in-app advertising, you can offer your apps for free while still earning considerable income.
There are several in-app ad types you can integrate for monetization purposes. They are:

1. Banners ads are simply rectangular display ads that are embedded within apps. They’re typically displayed at the top or bottom of the app and can sometimes be distracting and frustrating for app users.

2. Interstitial Ads
These ad types are transitional, appearing as users switch in between pages or articles. They may be displayed as images or videos which offer users the option to close them at the top of the screen.

3. Native Ads
A native ad is usually integrated into the app. These ad types are optimized such that they appear more natural within the app without affecting the user’s in-app experience.

4. Rewarded Video
A rewarded video is what its name implies. It’s an advertising option that rewards users for watching a video ad. Typically, the videos run for 10-30 seconds and are monetized to motivate viewers to watch them.

There are incredible benefits to monetizing apps with digital ads. But finding the ideal mobile ad advertisers may not be a precisely easy task. And this reason is the cause of the meteoric rise in the demand for mobile ad networks.

A mobile ad network is mainly an advertising platform that connects advertisers with app developers looking to sell ad slots. Using a mobile ad network offers many benefits to you as an app developer. They take the stress of finding mobile app advertisers by connecting the developer to a broad network.

After developing, your next concern ought to be how to monetize an app. Mobile ad networks make app monetization easier.
Here are some of the most popular ad networks for app monetization.

Popular Ad Networks for App Monetization


Google AdMob

AdMob is Google’s mobile advertising platform, and it’s one of the biggest ad networks. It’s Google’s way of helping app developers generate income with their apps. The AdMob platform offers seamless integration with apps, assisting developers to maintain a fantastic user in-app experience.

Appy Jump

Here’s another popular ad network that allows you to earn money from your app. When compared with competitors, Appy Jump stands out for its quality of returns and conversion rate. It’s a network guaranteed to generate a lot of traffic.

Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network offers both app developers and publishers value that aids business growth. The ad network monetizes your app by displaying targeted ads for your audience. You can also use Facebook to run publisher campaigns using this platform.

5 Reasons AdMob is the Best Ad Network for App Monetization

There are several popular ad networks which businesses can use to generate sufficient income from their mobile app. However, AdMob stands out as the best of them all for the following reasons


AdMob has one of the largest markets of advertisers on their platforms. Over 1 million advertisers are connected to the AdMob network. This offers developers a vast market for Monetization.


The AdMob platform is easy to install and integrate with your app. It also provides automated tools that help you customize the user experience and also retain control.


For your digital advertising, AdMob offers you a broad range of engaging ad types, including native, banner, rewarded videos, and interstitial ads.


AdMob also offers excellent feedback and user analytics, which aids decision-making towards improving your app.


Payment is swift, and app developers can receive payment in your currency.

Building Your Native App and Optimizing it for Monetization

The days when developing an app required a proper technical understanding are gone. Now, to build your native app, you only need your ideas and a mobile app builder. Yes, without writing a code line, you can create a dynamic app and design features unique to your requirements.

Andromo is one of the best app building platforms you can use to bring your ideas to life.
With the Andromo app building platform, anybody can build a professional mobile app with fantastic features. You can finally create the app you want and add your desired activities—all with the click of your mouse.

Another feature that makes the Andromo platform a fantastic opportunity is its easy integration with monetization strategies. Andromo works directly with Google’s AdMob platform making it very easy for you to build an app and deploy monetization options instantly. The building platform currently works with banners and interstitial ads from AdMob. But with the huge update, Andromo is presently working on effecting; soon, the platform will become the first world flutter-based platform for building apps. After which rewarded videos and native ads will also be available.

What more? Andromo also offers advanced monetization options for developers. You can make a variety of tweaks on the back end, such as changing the frequency of interstitial ads to 30 seconds, setting a splash screen, and so much more. As a developer, this feature not only optimizes your app; it also offers you an opportunity to earn more.

With the combination of Andromo’s app development platform and Google’s AdMob, you can set up your mobile app and begin making money from it in no time.