Representatives of the group, including 165 companies and industry organizations from the US, UK, and 21 EU countries, urged antitrust authorities to take a tougher stance on Google. The group’s appeal states that the American company is illegally promoting a monopoly on the provision of Internet search services. EU anti-monopoly commission Margrethe Vestager gets the corresponding letter.

“While we compete with each other to provide the best customer experience, we have one common competitor that is competing unfairly – Google,” the letter said. The commission said that they received a letter and will respond as soon as possible.

EU authorities have imposed fines on Google of 8.25 billion euros (about $ 9.7 billion) for abuse in the advertising business, the Android mobile OS, and the shopping over the past three years comparison service. Google traditionally denies all accusations, claiming that the Internet is open to free and fair competition.