建立您自己的Android应用 (Are Translations Important?)

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无需编写代码。 Andromo是很容易使用,任何人都可以做到这一点!


Which is to say:

خلق بنفسك تطبيقات أندرويد

لا الترميز المطلوبة. Andromo من السهل جدا للاستخدام، ويمكن لأي شخص أن يفعل ذلك!

سجل الان للحصول على الحرة

Which is of course:

Создавай свои Android приложения.

Просто и без навыков программирования. Andromo очень легок в использовании. Справится любой!

Подпишись бесплатно прямо сейчас


Cree Sus Propias Aplicaciones Android

No requiere programar. Andromo es muy fácil de usar, cualquiera puede hacerlo!

Regístrese Gratis Ahora!


Lag din egen Android app.

Du trenger ikke forstå kode. Andromo er enkel å bruke, og alle kan bruke det.

Registrer deg gratis


Créez votre propre application Android!

Andromo est facile à utiliser, chacun peut le faire sans savoir programmer!

S’enregistrer gratuitemen


Crie seus próprios aplicativos Android

Não requer programação. Andromo é fácil de usar, qualquer um consegue!

Inscreva-se de graça agora


צור אפליקציות אנדרואיד משלך

ללא צורך בקוד. אנדרומו – Andromo הוא כל כך קל לשימוש, כל אחד יכול לעשות זאת!

הירשמו עכשיו בחינם


Gestalten Sie Ihre eigenen Android Apps

Keine Programmierkenntnisse nötig! Andromo ist einfach zu nutzen, jeder kann es verwenden!

Jetzt kostenlos abzeichnen


Ustvarite lastne aplikacije za Android

Znanje programiranja ni potrebno. Andromo je enostaven za uporabo, vsak ga lahko obvlada.

Prijava je sedaj brezplačna.


Stwórz własną aplikację na Androida

Bez programowania! Andromo jest łatwy w użyciu, każdy może to zrobić!

Załóż konto za darmo dziś


Crie as suas próprias Aplicações Android

Não necessita de programação. Andromo é muito fácil de utilizar, qualquer um pode fazê-lo!

Registe-se gratuitamente agora!

What’s this All About?

It’s the same message in twelve different languages: Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian (Norsk), French, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew, German, Slovenian, Polish. and Portuguese.

You’ve probably more familiar with the following, which you’ll find on the main page of

Create Your Own Android Apps

No coding required. Andromo is so easy to use, anyone can do it!

Signup Now For Free

According to our analyitics English is the language set in the browsers for 53% of the visitors to That means that almost half of the visitors we get do not have English set as their default language. Of course that doesn’t mean that they don’t speak or understand English, but it probably means that English isn’t their native language.

That means there is a 50/50 chance you might be one of the Andromo users for whom English is not your first (or default on the Internet) language. And when I think about that I’m reminded of this tweet I saw from Benedict Evans last month:

Does this Affect You?

Does any of this matter to you? If so, we’d like to know. Are you an Andromo user whose native language (or default Browser language) is not English? Does the lack of translations on the website affect you?

Are you a developer who is targeting (or wanting to target) non-English speaking markets? Does the lack of in-app translations for common strings in your app affect you or the types of apps that you create?

If so please leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. Let us know what language you speak and/or what language you are looking to target and anything else you can think of.

A Graph

To close here is a graph that I find very interesting:

Photo by: charlesarthur


Spanish – mastermx
French – Baraw
German – sylviathewitch
Slovenian – hendrixs
Russian – kostar
Polish – f1_fan
Portuguese- casan9va