Create a Song App with Andromo

The use of song apps has opened up the world of music to musicians and listeners. That’s because music-playing applications allow people to create playlists that match their moods and share popular songs on social media. 

The popularity of applications such as Spotify and Amazon music has grown consistently to the growing use of smartphones. 

As more and more people purchase smartphones, the demand for song streaming is going to increase. 

This is why Andromo has created the perfect platform to make your own song app. The platform is easy to use and reliable. 

Below are a few reasons why application builders should venture into the music business. 

Why create a Song Application?

Popular applications such as Spotify and Apple music have made music available and generated millions of dollars worth of revenue in the process. 

Luckily, the market is still open to creators around the world. So why would anyone consider making a song app? Simple. 

Ready Market

People are constantly on their phones looking for entertainment. This has created a ready market for application makers with a taste in good music.

The Stats

About 23% of all on-demand streaming time was made up of paid audio, making app creation a very profitable venture. 

Additionally, the global video streaming market was worth 11.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and has only gotten bigger. 

Share New Music

It is the perfect opportunity to share new quality music and soundscapes by giving a chance to upcoming artists.

Monetization Opportunity

A lot of artists may be willing to pay for hosting on the new platform. 

Plus, creators can include in-app purchases and premium subscription packages for users who want to download music.

Diverse Market

Creators can use content from different niches, regions, age groups, and even languages.

How To Make A Song Application

With Andromo, app creators will enjoy a straightforward creation process and a handful of helpful material within the website. 

Below is a guide on how to  make your own songs app? 

  1. Visit the Andromo website and click on the Create an app button at the top right corner to sign up. 
  2. Start building the application by clicking the Build this app button. 
  3. Select and add popular features, layout options, media content, monetization options, buttons, extensions, and activities.  
  4. Select the proper layout and customize the theme by selecting a color scheme from several color pallets. Remember to include a name and add an icon.
  5. Include Monetization options. Go to the monetization settings on the left side of the builder. 
  6. Add content to the Activity type. Include youtube videos, links to celebrity gossip blog posts, audio soundscapes, and much more.
  7. Double-check the features to ensure proper placement that enhances the user experience.
  8. Publish the final product and host it on all major App Stores.

Why Build A Song Application With Andromo?

Andromo’s song maker app is a reliable iOS and Android application development platform. on the internet. 

Here are a few reasons why Andromo remains a superior partner.

Anyone can create apps for songs

There are no restrictions for those without any coding experience. Simply select ready-made -templates, then drag and drop all preferred features.

Access Learning materials

Creating an application may seem hard. Luckily, the learning materials and video tutorials are there to guide newbies and professionals alike. 


Makes passive income by using various monetization options such as in-app purchases or ads.

Customization Options 

The platform offers multiple customization options and features to choose from. Make the application unique and attractive with a simple click. 

Easy content Upload

Content can also be uploaded as a batch, making it easier to fill multiple categories.  

Free platform

Andromo allows developers to make song apps for free. Get a free trial and an option to subscribe to an affordable paid plan in the future. 

Features To Keep In Mind

Make your own songs app and include multiple useful features. So what should a developer include?

Playlist Feature

Creators can include different playlists featuring various artists and genres. Consider creating playlists for activities such as workout playlists, road trip playlists, etc. 

Push Notifications

These are a fast and effective way of alerting users of new music, new playlists, and hot gossip. 

Social Sharing

Most application users are young and would like a chance to share music on social media. 

In-app Purchases

This is the easiest way to monetize the app. Consider offering premium subscriptions or selling merchandise such as t-shirts. 

Streaming Links To Youtube

Add links to official music videos or lyric videos so that users can sing along or mimic dance moves. 

Easy Sign-Up And Registration Options

Make it easy for users to sign in using social media accounts or google. 

Tips For Success

How can one keep an application relevant? Simple.

  • Work with a professional application development platform like Andromo. This guarantees that developers get a state-of-the-art application that will thrive on both iOS and Android platforms. 
  • Get users’ feedback and use it to make changes and add advanced features.
  • Update the music streaming app regularly.

Get Started Today!

Song apps are convenient forms of entertainment. Hopefully, the tips shared here today will make it easier for app builders to create unique applications.  

The music industry is open to innovative newcomers. There are millions of artists and songs just waiting for the perfect streaming platform.

Andromo gives creators a chance to contribute positively to the music industry and make passive income. So join the vibrant Andromo community and create an app today.