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Build Up a Professional School App With Andromo

The importance of free apps for school creation is growing these days. KhanAcademy, Coursera, FutureLearn and other education apps make knowledge accessible in every corner of the world and grow up to several millions of uploadings on Google Market and AppStore .

Andromo mobile app for school list with brand new software. Notifications for instant updates, different lesson arrangements and many more tools are ready to go into a new educational app.

Key Functions For a School App

An expanded toolkit. Here are the key functions to construct an educational app for Android:


A beneficial choice for building up school-related apps online. Check all the updates in communication with students. Be notified about questions and completed tasks. Set up reminders about home tasks and upcoming meetings.

Quick access buttons 

A quick access button will increase students` awareness about imminent tests and tasks. Add a link to a calendar or a studies schedule to a controller in a couple of clicks.


A function which allows getting in touch with the teacher in case of emergency in a learning app. 

Pdf document attachment

Pinup a manual to the school mobile application. Upload a library of valuable materials for exam preparation. Attach additional resources for curious students. Children should not be afraid of not finding or forgetting books.

Multi-language library

Diversify books choice for students in a learning app. Literature in different languages and dialects can help foreign kids adapt easier and fall in love with subjects as not every teacher gives children a language choice.

Audio player

Add up audio files to let written materials stick. Then, kids will be able to repeat topics on the way home with their headphones on.

Podcast player

Get kids acquainted with a topic through professional podcasts with experts in the field. It is always easier to absorb important information in simple conversations.

Why Andromo School Apps Creator Is a Great Choice?

Successful educational apps should always have some distinctions among competitors. Different kinds of subscriptions for different budgets, a diversity of learning materials and a possibility to find interlocutors in an app`s community are among the most popular features for users interaction. Let’s check if Andromo has unique features to let a new stand out?

A free app creation

With Andromo,it is possible to create three trial applications for free. There is a diversity of tools and functions to try out. After having created trial apps, each user can select one of further monthly or yearly subscription offers with a start price of 8 dollars per month. Packages allow website creators to publish apps on Google and Amazon, build software for Android, create from 30 projects to an infinite number, depending on the subscription type.

No code is required

A school-related app creation process on Android and IOS has never been simpler. Software development skills to set up a school platform are not required anymore. Instead, the very first program pattern will be created in a couple of clicks.

Simple navigation

Andromo has intuitive navigation. Easy changes of the app outlook, buttons for additional resources addition. Everything is easy to find on the dashboard.

Work at your app from different devices

Work on any gadget, update a design on several devices simultaneously, thanks to an application builder.

A free of charge customer support service

In case of any questions, feel free to communicate with Andromo customer support agents. A simple chat window on the left corner of the website will leave no questions.

An educational process diversity

Make studying interactive with various media functions. Set up a Youtube external link, add up an audio player, fill up some library sections- let students find learning materials amusing.

Create several free apps for school

Make up different programs for students, add up simulators, try out multiple layouts. There are three apps you can create with Andromo for free.

Why a personal school-related app should be created with Andromo?

With all devices maintained, each student will receive a notification about home tasks and imminent tests in the school app. Responsibility for completed exercises is fully on kids.

Instant communication

A real-time interaction simulator. Get students updated swiftly and reply to appearing questions. Develop topic discussions and subject surveys. Comment upon completed hometasks. Add new materials and topics. Edit previous posts. Give scores for correct answers and students` progress. Track down children’s progress without a journal with a school-related app. 

Easy changes

As the students get bored with specific functions and design- change them swiftly.

Get students involved with studying process

Add up media resources to check, pick up appealing books with modern visualization- let kids fall in love with a subject through a mobile learning app. 

Experiment with functions

Unite two separate applications, create multiple dashboards, add spaces in the layout.Create a merry-go-round with moving components, add spaces in the layout, gather a gallery of pictures. Pin up frequently used settings and materials to the front page with a list group function. Andromo fulfils all expectations. Be brave with experiments—excel competitors with creative ideas.

Choose Andromo to Create Your School App

Andromo offers a variety of features to create a truly outstanding school app.

Users can create up to three applications absolutely for free, no hidden charges.

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