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Easy-To-Use Restaurant App Maker: No Coding Required

Create a restaurant app without writing a single line of code, thanks to Andromo.

Eateries with apps have become more competitive and seen an increase in sales revenue as more people use phones to order food and make reservations. 

Online applications target people who would rather order and eat from home instead of going to a restaurant. 

But while there are several third-party applications that host several restaurants, it may be more beneficial for an eatery to invest in its application. Why? 

About 70% of people prefer to order directly from a restaurant’s app instead of a third-party website or app. Developers and eateries can fill this gap by using Andromo’s  restaurant app maker. 

Benefits Of A Restaurant App

Creating this type of application requires some planning. Eatery owners need to ask themselves what they wish to achieve by going online.

This question helps determine the benefits/features the application will hold. Below are a few recommended features.

Photo Gallery

This will include pictures of mouth-watering dishes, desserts, and drinks. It can also show photos that reflect the atmosphere and ambiance to attract more foot traffic.


App owners can monitor customer activity to see what dishes or drinks are popular and design personalized promotions.

Review and rating

Customers can leave honest feedback and share their experiences with the staff. This section allows them to review the food, the atmosphere, and the service.

Online menu

This will include different food categories such as appetizers, side orders, desserts, and beverages. It will also highlight the prices to aid in decision-making.

Customized Branding

Developers can customize the template to match the business’ colors, themes, and logo for easier recognition. Andromo also provides this feature in the business app maker for those looking to brand their businesses.

Earn Money By Creating An Application

Can app owners make money by going online? Yes, by including advertisements. Developers can charge multiple eateries a fee to advertise on the application.  

They can also earn commissions by charging different eateries a commission on each order made. Or they can also earn money through in-app purchases whenever customers order food using the application. In-app purchases can be improved by creating a catalog application using the catalog app maker.

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Types of Restaurant Applications

Several restaurant mobile apps can boost sales and service delivery. It includes:

Restaurant Locator

Customers can find different eateries within a particular location. The application will include reviews, ratings, photos, GEO location, and menus.

Food Delivery Application

Customers can keep track of their food orders from the moment they order until the food is delivered.

Table Booking Application

Customers can book a table at an eatery and make mobile payments. Customers can also order food beforehand to eliminate any waiting time. Developers can use Andromo’s reservation app maker for this.

Loyalty Application

Eatery owners can encourage customers to visit the eatery by introducing a loyalty program. Customers can collect points and redeem them for free meals and drinks.

How To Make A Restaurant App

Developers can use the mobile app builder to create an application in minutes. Andromo allows business owners to build a  restaurant app for android and iOS platforms.

The development process is simple, fun, and quick. Developers will have access to application templates such as the restaurant app maker and the museum app builder. There are loads of customization options to try. Below is a short guide on how to build with Andromo. 

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start Section

First off, developers need to sign up on the Andromo website, share a few details, begin the project, and then choose temple, which fits for restaurant app creation.

Easy Start ready to use templetes mobile apps

2. Add Features And Customize

Add features such as push notifications, restaurant categories, and photo galleries. 

Next up, upload content with a tap of a button and finally customize the interface. Consider selecting a color scheme that matches the brand colors and adding an icon/logo.

3. Finish and Publish

Once the application is complete, Andromo will produce the mobile application and email it to the developer, all set and ready to be uploaded on the Google Play Store.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Why create A Restaurant Application?

Restaurant mobile apps have made dining easier and helped promote thousands of eateries and delivery services. Below are a few reasons why eatery owners should make an application.

Increase brand recognition

As mentioned earlier, developers can customize the application to match their brand colors and logo. This will act as a visual reminder to customers whenever they want to order a meal or book a table.

Improve service delivery

Applications make it possible to serve a large customer base simply and efficiently. It eliminates the need to queue and allows restaurants to serve customers who like to eat from home or the office. For those who own a restaurant and club/bar Andromo has a nightclub app maker to cover your bar area.

Increase in repeat orders

Given the demand for ready-made food, eateries are likely to get repeat orders. Plus, the easy ordering process and personalized advertisements can help.

Convenient and transparent

Customers can track their orders and pay online. Plus, the reviews and ratings offer an honest view of the menu, hygiene standards, and service delivery.

Better customer experience

Customers will receive personalized promotional offers based on their previous orders. Restaurants can also use the event app builder to create a separate events application and share restaurant events such as guest chef/bartender, singles nights, and karaoke nights.

Get started With Andromo!

Andromo offers a hassle-free restaurant app builder for restaurant owners who want to increase foot traffic, manage multiple restaurants, and streamline service delivery.

The no-code app development platform offers fully customizable restaurant templates and a simple user interface with drag-and-drop features. 

Take the leap, and make your app today.

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