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Reservation App Maker: Create An Online Booking App

The digital age has made mobile booking apps a part of everyday life. As of 2020 online travel booking was valued at about $817 billion

But aside from travel, people often use reservation or booking applications to book salon appointments, make restaurant reservations, and even book hotel rooms.

Applications have changed the way people travel, book holidays, or even go out for dinner. Making online bookings is easy and convenient. Consumers can check out menus and compare prices before settling on a restaurant. 

Plus, business owners have access to a larger customer base as well as control and manage the flow of customers in and out of the premises.

Business owners and developers can now create an online reservation app with Andromo. The Andromo app development platform is a no-coding platform that offers ready-made customizable templates that match the business.

Benefits Of A Reservation App

As mentioned earlier, Andromo provides ready-made templates for developers to customize. Once a suitable template has been selected, developers have their pick of helpful features and tools. Below are a few of the features Andromo offers.

Photo gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. One of the quickest ways to convince a customer to visit your business is by using pictures. Business owners can woo customers with pictures of hotel rooms, fancy dinners, restaurant spaces, and surrounding environments.

RSS Feed

Business owners can post news feeds announcing new restaurant openings, expansion plans, and events that customers may find interesting. This can prompt additional bookings. Business owners can also create an app for events to share event dates and sell tickets.

Push Notifications

Mobile application users can receive prompts to finish up the booking process or reminders for upcoming reservations.

Payment Links

Financial transactions are easier to carry out thanks to a secure and easy-to-use payment platform.

Online Review

Consumers can leave positive reviews that boost a business's reputation.

Location Links

Andromo allows business owners to include location links. Consumers will be able to locate restaurants and hotels within a specified area and even get directions.

Earn Money By Creating A Free Reservation App

Developers and business owners stand to make money by creating a booking application. Business owners can earn money through commissions. The booking app thcan host numerous businesses and charge them a commission whenever a customer makes a booking.

Secondly, mobile app owners can earn money by charging subscription fees. Consumers can pay for premium subscriptions to access more features, free dinners, and discount prices. 

The third method would be through affiliate programs. Business owners can make money by including affiliate links. They will receive a commission every time a consumer makes a purchase using the links. Developers can also use Andromo’s online catalog app builder to create a catalog with more affiliate links.

And finally, business owners can earn money from advertisements. Developers can include static banners, interstitials, native ads, AdMob, and Facebook ads.

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How To Make An Application

As a developer, you can create your app in a matter of minutes. The platform provides several templates such as the reservation app maker, the Museum app maker and more. 

 Below is a short guide on how to build with Andromo. 

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start Section

First off, developers need to sign up on the Andromo website, share a few details and begin the project. For creating an app design, choose a template and start the next step.

Easy Start ready to use templetes mobile apps

2. Add features and customize

Add features such as push notifications, restaurant categories, chat features, and photo galleries. Next, upload content with a tap of a button and finally customize the interface. Consider selecting a color scheme that matches the brand colors and add an icon/logo.

3. Finish and Get the Application Ready

Once the mobile application is complete, Andromo will produce the mobile app and email it to the developer, all set and ready to be uploaded on the Google Play Store.

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Why create A Reservation application?

Reservation apps offer several benefits.

Streamline The Booking Process

Consumers don't need to fill in a booking form or input their details anytime they make a new booking. Contact information is stored within the mobile application and shared with the business once a booking is complete.

Engage Customers

Business owners can engage customers by using push notifications and increase user experience by providing chat support. Business owners can also improve engagement by creating an exclusive membership application using Andromo’s membership card app maker.

Offer convenience

Consumers can manage their bookings with ease and also make payments with a click of a button. As a retailer you can also make an app for your business to make shopping convenient as well.

Manage reviews

The restaurant app maker gives business owners the ability to manage their reviews and ratings from the backend to keep their scores high.

Build Loyalty

Business owners can increase loyalty by rewarding frequent customers with reward points, free services, and discounts.

Avoid Double Booking

Unlike manual booking, once a table or room is booked online, it immediately becomes unavailable. If you own a club or bar, you can reduce double booking by creating your own nightclub app . It will also make booking VIP rooms and functions easier.

Popular Online Booking Applications

Online reservation apps come in many forms and sizes. Developers can create different types of the mobile application such as: 

  1. Beauty services
  2. Doctor booking
  3. Hotel booking engines
  4. Flight booking engines
  5. Restaurant booking

Create An Application With Andromo

Creating a free booking app helps connect businesses with consumers. The application provides convenience for consumers and offers business owners a chance to manage their bookings. 

Hopefully, this article has provided some insight into application creation. Give Andromo a try and design a mobile application today!

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