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No-Code Recipe App Maker

Andromo is the one-stop no-code recipes app maker platform. It is the exclusive platform from which you can make your own recipe book with your unique recipes. No coding skills are required for this, and you can build a limitless amount of iOS (beta) and Android apps without spending a single penny. Try out a free trial today and create your first cooking app.

Benefits of Andromo app builder:

  1.     Build your own recipe creator application without coding skills.
  2.     Quickly make your app with 03 simple steps-
  •       Sign up to Create Andromo App Project
  •       Add Desired Features and Styles
  •       Finish and Get Your Ready-Made App
  1.     The Andromo app builder is applicable on both platforms; either it is iOS or Android. It is a free recipes app for Android users. (Not free all the time and not only for Android)
  2.     You can use app features according to your needs and requirements.
  3.     Now, it is easy to make passive income from ads with the assistance of AdMob and Facebook Audience Network.
  4.     Andromo has pre-made templates and frameworks of content, videos, audio, maps, polls and ads, and more. 
  5.     Become a direct app seller on Google play or Amazon with Andromo. 
  6.     Andromo has a multi-lingual feature. It means you can create your app in your preferred language.

Top 5 Features For a Recipe App

When you think of building culinary apps, some sacred pieces of information on how to turn discrete ingredients into something tasty mean the most to you. Without the information, your application makes no sense.

Recipe instructions

Before making any recipe, everyone needs to follow some recipe instructions to make the dish delicious. The recipe instructions always guide viewers about what types of ingredients and the proper amount of ingredients should they add to a particular dish while preparing the same on their own. Side by side, a pre-planned recipe list with various recipe categories should be prepared to have nutrition facts, some images, etc. Users can mention whole recipe instructions while making the app in a particular section. Andromo provides you with in-built templates to add your recipe instructions.

Social sharing

The Social Sharing feature’s key responsibility is to promote the recipe book app.  As much as people use your app, the app will get a high ranking on the internet. The social sharing feature allows the app users to comfortably sign up for the app using their social networking accounts, either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The feature permits users to share their favourite recipes that they tried making online. So the app can integrate a social button from which people can share from the app and can boost user engagement.

The social sharing element will permit clients to add their formula online to impart to other people, or people can have the choice to post the recipe for themselves to see as it were.

Meal planner

Meal planning is the act of thinking ahead about what you will make for meals and snacks and getting prepared. A meal planner helps you to save your time to decide what should eat or cook next. So a meal planner plays a vital role in such situations. This functionality enables users to plan a meal each day and add recipes for the next meal they plan to serve.


In the blog section, users can add anything. It may be the information regarding any dish. Users can share their new recipes in a fully formatted manner and be aware people about trending dishes and ingredients in the market. Also, the app users can share their healthy diet thoughts through blogs. 

Blogs are the medium through which people can connect with individuals. Maybe a dish cannot say much about itself, but a blog can explain everything about dish like; the ingredients, the efforts to make them, the time duration of a particular meal, etc. Along with this, the person can promote any of their previous meals through blogs.


The notification section is a necessary feature for a recipe app. People can know many essential pieces of information like;-

  • the number of people who have started following the app,
  • the comments and likes on the dish,
  • the queries of people on a particular dish, etc

The notification section also notifies the user about the new updates of the app.

Detailed Guide on How to Make a Recipe App

Go to the Andromo website to get started:

Firstly, go to the Andromo website to start creating a cook book app. With a couple of clicks, you will be done with step one and can start building your very first app.

Start your app project:

After that, you can add desired features in your app like; audio, video, maps, surveys, and dozens of other features. Also, you can use money-making features to add like, polls and ads.

Use the app Dashboard to add features:

To add the features to the app, you can use the app dashboard, which contains every essential part you need in your app like;

  1. Global Project Management
  2. Activities Manager
  3. Dashboard Tree Manager
  4. App Preview
  5. Edit Dashboard Items
  6. Content Manager
  7. Dashboard Item Settings
  8. Monetization Manager
  9. Items Ads Setup
  1. App Settings Manager
  2. Build Manager
  3. Download App

Choose a theme

To design your app according to your choice, you can customize it by clicking on the “Create an app for free” button. After that, a page will show having different theme templates, which you can select according to your choice.

Add content to the Activity type

Now, it’s time to add content to your “recipe builder app”. In this section, you have to add your recipe in words. With a detailed format, viewers can understand your dish and recipes easily.


In the monetization section, you will meet with 04 options:

  • Interstitial: Interstitial ads appear ‘between’ activities in your app. Interstitial is to grab the user’s attention.
  • Splash Screen: Splash screen is the very first screen of the app on which you can do your designing, and you also can set the timer for this screen to be visible to viewers.
  • AdMob Android: The AdMob feature is the platform that allows users to run ads.
  • Facebook Android: Through Facebook, you can socialize your app, and you can reach a large audience to promote your app.

Check settings:

In the settings section, you will meet with few options:

  • Basic: In this option, you can check the basic information of the app like; app name, version, version code, package name, etc.
  • Icon: You can drag and drop the relevant icon for your app.
  • Pro features: Pro features have some extra features for your app, which only can be accessible when you pay for it. 
  • Rate us: The feature allows you to create a “Rate us” call to action popup. It permits people to leave reviews about your app in the app store. 
  • Launch notice: The feature enables to show a message the first time the app is launched. People can be used to comply with Google’s advertising/analytics disclosure policies and European Union user consent notification laws.

Save all changes:

After creating your app and making all the changes, now it’s time to save the app and publish it.

Host it on App Stores:

To publish your app, you need access to upload it on App Stores with an attractive app description.

Try our Recipe App Maker Now!

Are you a food lover and also love to cook? Now, you have a great opportunity to create your own recipes app and can earn from it by posting on App Store and Google play store. Create a personalized recipe app, apply in-build themes, design by your own choice, do additional things given by Andromo and upload on the play store and app store.  

Andromo allows creating the first 03 apps for free. So, try out our Recipe App Maker Now and generate your recipe app for free.

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