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Creating a Quran App With Andromo

Share the Quran with millions of mobile phone users by creating a Holy Quran app for android.

Andromo is a popular app-building platform. App creators can select themes and features to create beautiful, functional apps. 

The platform is easy and fun to use. There are video demonstrations, courses and step-by-step guides. 

Andromo is the preferred platform for successful app developers around the world. The app builder offers support for beginners and interactive community forums.  

To learn how to create an engaging experience for Quran mobile app users, keep reading.

Why Choose Andromo’s App Maker to Create a Quran app?

  • No coding is required. Use a laptop or tablet to develop a Quran reading app without writing a single line of code. 
  • App monetization. Andromo offers several revenue- generation methods. Include sponsored content and advertisements (banners, interstitial ads, and native ads). App builders can also get paid to build custom apps, sell apps on the Google play store or amazon. 
  • Multiple customization options. Andromo offers several features such as PDFs, video content, and audio. It even allows app builders to create communities. App builders can also include helpful learning tools that enhance memorization and spiritual progress. 
  • Publish on all major platforms. Publish the Quran app on google play, Apple Store, and Amazon with the help of Andromo.
  • Reliable app-building platform. Andromo has launched over 80,000 apps to the Google play store. 
  • Free Quran app. Andromo allows app builders to create the first three apps for free. Afterwards, app builders can choose one of the affordable app building packages.

Three Easy Steps to Create a Quran App

Andromo has simplified the app-making process with its up-to-date Quran-making software. Follow these three steps.

Step 1

Choose an Appropriate Design. The right design determines the look and feel of an app. It can enhance a user’s experience and encourage frequent app usage. Make sure to select an appropriate color and font from a collection of styles.

Step 2

Add Essential Features. A good Quran app for android has functional features. Consider what the target demographic needs and include it. 

Step 3

Publish on Google Play Store, Amazon, and websites. Make the app available to millions of users around the world.

Top Features For a Quran App

  • Synchronized audio with the text. Text is highlighted word for word as the audio plays in the background. 
  • Two translations side by side. Text is available in more than one language to enhance understanding and retention. 
  • Verse of the Day feature. Include a daily verse/teaching for the faithful to learn, internalize and practice. 
  • Verse on image. Display Quran verses alongside beautiful illustrations for better delivery.
  • Social Sharing. App users can share their favorite verses on various social platforms.
  • App Analytics. Get access to information that can help rate how well the app works. Check out the number of users, popular app features, home screen engagement, session duration, demographics, and geographical location. 
  • Helpful reading tools. Quran app users can highlight their favorite verses, set bookmarks, add notes, and search for texts within the app.

Detailed Guide on How to Make a Quran App

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide to help Quran application creators.  

  1. Visit the Andromo website and click on the Create an app button at the top right corner to sign up and start creating the app. 
  2. Start the app project. Select an app template and and click on the Build this app button. 
  3. Use the app Dashboard to add features. Select the most fitting apps features such as an ebook library and audio prayers from the dashboard. 
  4. Choose a theme. Customize the Quran for android users to enhance user experience. Select a color scheme from several color pallets. 
  5. Add content to the Activity type. Include youtube videos, links to blog posts, audio prayers, books, and much more.
  6. Monetization. Go to the monetization settings on the left side of the builder. Select between banner ads, interstitial ads, and native ads. 
  7. Check the settings to make sure everything is right. Check the basic features such as the name, version, icon, contact information. 
  8. Double-check the holy Quran app to ensure all the features are well placed. 
  9. Publish the app and host it on all major App Stores to make the app available to millions of users around the world. 
  10. Andromo has also created a helpful video demonstration for app builders. Check it out for an in-depth understanding of the process. 

Let's Get Started on Making Apps with Andromo!

Andromo provides Quran freeware that guarantees a top-rated app. App builders can create and share spiritual content with people around the globe. 

Choose a platform that provides guidance and makes app building easy and fun. Create a Quran app today.

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