Andromo Podcast App Maker

Creating a podcast app has just gotten easier, thanks to the podcast app maker by Andromo.

According to Oberlo, six in ten people over the age of 12 listen to podcasts. 65% of this number use their smartphones or tablets.  

Given the growing interest in audio content creation, an application is not such a far-fetched idea. 

Applications can increase listenership, host several different podcasts and generate revenue for its creator.

Bringing an idea to life is easier than ever. Learn how to make a podcast app from the article below.

What Is a Podcast Application?

A podcast is an online audio broadcast often produced as episodes and made available for streaming and download.  

Since podcasts lack the visual component, they are easier to consume and are often played in the background as people do chores, work out, or take a walk.

Why create a podcast application?

There are a lot of online hosting services. Unfortunately, searching the web for an episode can seem tasking. Because of this reason, applications have become popular.

Applications are easier to access, and listeners can organize content into a playlist. On the other hand, creators can:

Improve communication

The hosts can share episode schedules, announce guest speakers and create an online community.

Generate revenue

Podcasters can pay to be hosted on an application, while listeners can pay a subscription fee, therefore generating passive income.  

Increase visibility

Unlike other hosting sites, creating an application means creators can send push notifications right into a listener’s phone. 

Creators can alert listeners of a new episode, send out listening reminders, and share prompts to similar content. 

Hold more content

It is possible to share related content such as blog links, research papers, online books, affiliate links, illustrations and even have a gallery. 

Create a sense of community

Unlike mainstream radio, podcasts often attract a select group of people and foster a sense of intimacy.

How To Make a Podcast App In Three Steps

Creating an application is as easy as one, two, three. Andromo has simplified the app-making process with its up-to-date podcast app builder. Just follow these three steps.

Choose And Customize a Template

Andromo offers a vast collection of templates to choose from. Developers can pick the template that best matches the idea and customize it. Simply select a color and font that fits the idea and include a name and icon. 

Add Essential Features

A good application should score high on functionality. But while it may seem like a good idea to fill up on features, this may be counterproductive.

A loaded application will affect the user experience since it will be slow and complicated to use. 

Consider adding features such as audio players, RSS feed, Payment links, social sharing features, and push notifications. 

Publish on Google Play Store, Amazon, and iOS

Andromo is an iOS and Android development platform. Make the new application available to millions of users around the world.

Why Choose Andromo To Build an Application?

When looking for a podcast app builder, there are a couple of factors to consider. One of these factors is reliability. 

Andromo is a reliable application-building platform that has launched over 80,000 applications on the Google play store. Below are a few more reasons why Andromo is the best. 

Knowledge-centered Platform. 

The platform focuses on training its users by providing learning materials and video tutorials on its webpage.   

Monetization Techniques

Users can select monetization techniques to earn passive income. 

No Coding Required

Builders do not need any coding skills. The platform offers ready-made -templates for creators to choose from. 

Easy Customization

Andromo offers several customization options and features. Creators can customize the interface by dragging and dropping preferred features. 

Features To Keep In Mind

The features determine user experience and encourage frequent usage. Andromo offers a wide range of features to choose from. 

Audio Player

Developers can use this to upload content and create playlists for later.  

Playback features

People often listen to new episodes at leisure. So remember to include playback options that make it easier to navigate through the episode. 

RSS Feed or blog

It is possible to include links to news articles or blog posts that are related to the episode’s topic. 

Quick action links 

Listeners can share content either via email or social media sites. 

Bonus Tips for Success

As shown above, using the podcast app maker is easy. However, keeping the app successful requires a bit of work. Below are a few tips. 

A user-friendly interface

The simpler it is for listeners to use the application, the easier it is to discover new episodes and stay logged on.

Consider using the tile or carousel format to showcase various episodes under different genres.

Support video functionality

Some episodes may require video support, especially if demonstrations or images are involved. 

Playlist features

Playlists will help listeners sort through and organize content based on preference. Plus, it is possible to download episodes for later.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are the easiest way to make money since listeners can subscribe to multiple shows. Plus, developers can also include ads for more revenue.

Get Started Today!

Learning how to make a podcast app with Andromo is easy and fun. Streaming applications are convenient, and their demand will only go higher. 

Hopefully, the tips shared here today will make it easier for developers to join this new trend. 

Remember, the internet is vast, and every day brings an opportunity to create and earn money. Join the Andromo community today.