Creating a News App With Andromo

Everything, the regular news-making app inclusive, exists today due to technology’s evolution. Although it wasn’t smooth sailing at first, the way tasks are accomplished in this era with the advent of mobile phones is relatively easier.

Now, instead of reading newspapers, people can access current happenings through smartphones. While this medium was web-based in the early stages, the usage of news apps for Android free is an option gaining steady traction.

However, these creations are made by top-notch programmers. That said, the narrative is changing as it’s now possible to build a news app from scratch without coding. How’s this possible? By employing the services of a news app builder.

With so many options available, an Android application maker worth considering is Andromo. Read on for this app builder’s specifics and more.

Create Your Own News App With Andromo: Getting Started

Before delving deeper, let’s discuss Andromo’s background briefly.

In the scene for over nine years: Andromo is an app development software that gives not too tech-savvy individuals a chance to bring their app dreams to fruition. On this platform, accomplishing this and more without writing a line of code is possible. 

Although creating a news application for Android might seem like a long shot for some, it’s essential to get acclimated with some specifics bordering on this market. 

While it seems that technology made things more accessible through TVs and other mass media platforms, people are seeking mobile solutions. Since mobile devices became an actual thing, the mass media industry has witnessed a dramatic tilt. 

With 3.80 billion people (almost 50% of the world’s population) using mobile phones today, top news organizations that offered physical offerings in times past are turning to mobile app creation. However, before the advent of news app builders, engaging professional programmers was a must.

Regardless, the narrative is changing effectively with a news-making app like Andromo in the thick of proceedings. Consequently, there’s no need for formal programming tutorials on how to create a news app. Here, this app builder shoulders all related tasks without hitches. 

For amateurs in the world of programming seeking to develop news apps, make it feasible with the following tips.

How to Create a News Application With Mobile App Builder

Andromo doesn’t specialize in developing news apps for Android only. Depending on what a user’s preferences are, it’s possible to make anything from a radio app down to various FinTech apps.

On Andromo, knowing how to create news apps on Android free starts with one thing; an idea. 

When you’re all set and ready to implement your news app idea with Andromo, consider following these steps:


Registering on the Andromo platform is crucial as project creation is practically impossible without completing the sign-up process. The process on show here is pretty straightforward. All that’s required from intending users are a username and password.

After completing this process, you’ll typically have unfettered access. Also, if the need arises, users can edit profiles without having to fulfill stringent requirements.

Create a New Project

To bring that eBook app or news app to the fore, newbies must commence a project. The bulk of this seemingly long task starts by entering a project title.

Now, patrons get redirected to a separate screen to ensure that a relatively new project is under a category that Google approves.

Icon Upload

Icons are considered focal points of every application. You can build news apps for Android free with varying icons that’ll make it look aesthetically pleasing to visitors’ eyes. 

At Andromo, there’s a default icon present from the app builder. However, there’s always a choice to change it as unlimited alternatives are present on the Internet. That said, these icons must follow Andromo’s set dimensions.

Add Your Preferred Activities

Apps are all about features. So, if a user intends to create a news app, some features are bound to be different. On the Andromo platform, adding Maps, Videos, Audios, Surveys, and others is possible.

However, for users creating apps that’ll yield economic dividends, add-ons like Ads and Polls are sure to accomplish this goal across the board.

Upload to Google's Play Store

Once an app is declared ready after a series of tests and additions, the Andromo platform instantly forwards the just-created app to users via email. Here, the developer can make an informed decision on whether or not a Google Play Store upload is worth the try.

Nevertheless, users must note that uploading to Google Play Store isn’t free as a specific fee is usually attached. Once paid, apps undergo checks and are now featured for the public to download. For paid apps, developers should receive a commission of some sort.

Benefits of Andromo App Builder

As a news app builder, the benefits associated with the Andromo platform are pretty extensive. Here, players can enjoy the following:

Numerous Templates

It’s rare to see apps that are similar in every ramification. With Andromo, there are numerous templates available. Whether the user intends to develop a news application for Android or any other creation, there’s always a template present.

Also, with numerous activities present, developers can make an app more intuitive. As time goes on, changes can also be made as Andromo also guarantees flexibility across the board.


No matter how weird or abstract an idea might be, Andromo puts everything into perspective. Developers can also turn those eureka moments into a money-making venture.

By incorporating features like instant explainer videos, comprehensive polls, and some fun games, the likelihood of luring individuals to use an Andromo made app ranks high.


An app builder must have support in place to help users in their times of difficulty. However, Andromo goes a notch further as a news-making app. 

On this platform, there’s multilingual support for non-English speakers. For context, customer support is offered in English, Arabic, German, French, and lots more. Here, variety reigns supreme.

Choose Andromo for Your News Making Mobile App

Creating a news application for Android isn’t daunting with Andromo’s app builder.

For users who don’t know how programming works, this platform facilitates the app creation process without any difficulty whatsoever. 

With Andromo, creating a functional app from scratch without writing a line of code is achievable. Get yours now.