Create a MP3 Player App with Andromo

Use an extensive collection of features and functions to make your own audio music app for free. No coding skills are required.

Starting Your Music App

Creating an android music player app from scratch has never been this easy. Andromo Mobile App Builder offers free access to tons of tools and features to make an audio music app. No coding skills? Andromo has the perfect platform for both people with no coding skills to explore their creativity in these few easy steps:


Create a user account with Andromo. Andromo provides a 14-day trial period during which you can test out all the features on the platform. To register, use either your Facebook or Google credentials 

Create Project

Proceed to create the music app. To do that, click the Create New Project button and provide a name for the music app project. Once done, Andromo, within the blink of an eye, will create the project.

Add Features

Once the project is created, you can customize the android music player app. There are various tabs available on the app builder that can be used to customize the audio music app. Use these tabs carefully to ensure an attractive and exciting music app that’ll appeal to audiences of diverse backgrounds.

Save all changes

Finally, save all the changes.

Customizing Audio Music Player App

The Activities Tab

Set the features and functions of the MP3 android music player app. Be creative with the design and make it user-friendly to attract and maintain a huge number of patrons of the app. Use the About Section to inform patrons about the uniqueness of your android music player app and provide a business email in the Email section to receive valuable feedback. 

The Theme Tab

Next is to choose the appearance of the audio music app. Select a theme from the plethora of themes under the Theme tab. Note that first impressions are lasting so choose the theme carefully.

The Global Style Tab

To add color and style to the MP3 app, Andromo provides the Global Style tab. Select how the different portions of the android music player app should look and feel. The app should have a global and cross-cultural appeal to attract users from across the globe.

The Settings Tab

The Settings Tab allows you to select the devices that should feature on your MP3 music player. 


The Monetization tab ensures that creativity and “hard work” are rewarded. Andromo’s advanced monetization allows up to 200% of returns on revenue. Under the monetization tab, select the monetization network for the audio music app.

The Services Tab

It is important to understand how users interact with your android music player app. Fortunately, Andromo provides Firebase Analytics which is found under the Services tab. Also, there is OneSignal which can be used to set up PUSH notifications.

The Build Tab

To make the music app, touch the Build tab after saving all the settings, and voila, your MP3 app is up and ready to go.

Activity Type

Add content to the Activity type you choose. The options available are audio player, podcast, or Shoutcast radio. For the Audio player activity, select Add Track to add music files to the audio music app.

Check Settings

Go over the settings to make sure everything is in order. Remember to enable sharing, Autoplay, and Downloads in your android music player app.

How to Create a Music Application With a Mobile App Builder

Creating an app on Android can be an uphill task even for people with coding skills. However, mobile app builders have done the heavy-lifting by creating a platform that allows users who know nothing about coding to build their apps without breaking a sweat. Mobile applications such as Radio App, News App, and Wallpaper Apps can be developed using app builders on android. Making a music application is super easy. All you need is the latest android version and a platform that allows you to design your audio music app. 

Here are a few basic steps to follow if you want to learn how to create a music player in Android:

Home Screen

This is the first thing users see immediately when they click on the app. First impressions are lasting, therefore, pay more attention to the design. The color and images on the Home Screen should blend perfectly and the UI design should make the app easy to navigate.

Playlist Function

Add a playlist function to the android music player app. This is very essential when it comes to monetizing as music artists are likely to pay you some money to have them featured on the app.

Profile Feature

Though this feature is not a necessity, it boosts the app-user interaction and ensures that patrons enjoy the audio music app.

Push Notifications

This feature allows the music player to notify users of new features, updates, and playlists.


To market the music app, it has to be shared. And what better place to reach millions of people than social media. Include a Sharing feature that’ll allow users to share the playlists on the music app with their friends and family.

So there you have it! That’s how to create a music player app on Android without the hassle of learning to code.

Benefits of Andromo App Builder

The Andromo app builder requires no coding skills.  All you have to do is follow the steps on how to make a music player listed above and you’re good to go. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to create a passive stream income that rakes in over $1,000 monthly. Andromo allows you to create the audio music app in 10 minutes, promote the app, let users patronize the app for free, and make money.

The Andromo app builder is user-friendly and interactive. It is a great platform where the average Joe can easily create a world-class android music player app and make some good money on the side. Try it today.