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Create College Application with Andromo

Android apps for college students are a huge deal these days, and it’s so easy to see why. The internet is an immense pool of information and resource, and most students use their smartphones to keep up with updates about their academic life.

A college mobile app makes all the difference for a student. According to a report, 75% of all mobile apps in a student’s smartphone are educational.

People create these kinds of apps not just for academic reasons but to boost the social life of the students via networking, phone and social media directories, event calendars, and many more. When done the right way, these apps can be monetized to generate massive returns.

Andromo, one of the world’s leading education app maker, is just what you need if you’re looking to create a campus app.

Benefits of Apps for Colleges

Andromo, a no-code development platform, is best suited for creating campus apps. It comes with several unique benefits that might interest you. Check them out:

Photo Gallery

With Andromo, you can create different galleries from uploaded pictures. You’re also in control of arranging the images you want them to appear.

Audio Player

You can upload audio files that every student is bumping to create an audio player within the app. The best part? You can create multiple playlists.

Location Links

Using this unique school app maker, you can add location links to future social events lined up to help students locate there quicker.


Another impressive feature of this app maker is adding and customizing website links on your college app.

Action Links

You can also add action links showcasing email, location, phone number, or external links to the message.

WordPress Feed

Want to keep students updated with entertainment news on the campus? You can add a WordPress blog to your app.

How to Create College Mobile Apps with Andromo

Creating educational apps for college students is simple with the Andromo platform. You don’t need any technical experience or coding skills to design your app. All you need to get started is your imaginative skills.

Here’s how:

Sign up to Andromo

First things first, sign up to the platform. You’d be required to input a few details, and you’re good to go!

Customize Features and Styles

As soon as you’re in, you can customize your app with the many features at your disposal. Some of the features in the college mobile app maker include:


You can incorporate maps into your app to allow students to locate anywhere within the campus.


You can also add induction, introductory, and lesson videos on the app for students.


You have the opportunity of including and hosting polls on the app. Students get to vote for something or someone.


Andromo allows you to create audio playlists on your app. It could be podcasts, music, interviews, or lesson audio.

Finish up

When you’re done adding these features to your app, Andromo will implement and produce the app. It will be emailed to you to launch on the Google Play Store.

How Do You Generate Money using Apps for Colleges?

Creating an app from this education app maker and making money from it is simple than you’ve imagined. How do you earn quick cash from building an app?

Include Content-related Ads

One of the best ways to make money from creating campus apps is to include exciting ads for any viewer. These ads may consist of native and interstitial ads, banners, and clips.

Become an App Seller on Amazon or Google Play

Another way you can make some cool cash is to build and develop these best app for college students and upload it for sale at Amazon and Google Play. Put your creativity into work by creating games, informative magazines, how-to videos, or e-book readers to sell.

Take A Commission for Building Apps

Are you a freelancer? Here’s another fantastic way to make some money with your talent. You can take orders to build custom apps for your various clients.

Add Sponsored Content

Andromo allows you to add polls and surveys on the platform. You can take advantage of this unique feature to display the sponsored content on your app. All you have to do is find brands that are interested in placing ads on the app. By so doing, you can increase engagement on your platform and making money from it. It’s a win-win situation.

Why People Create College Mobile Apps

Every college student owns a smartphone, and student needs to immerse themselves in the campus experience with the aid of a campus app. The Google Play Store is a repository of apps spanning different industries.

It has now become a necessity to design and develop apps for college students. And we are going to look at why:

Recruiting and Admissions

A student’s educational journey in a higher institution starts from the application and admissions. Universities are currently developing apps to integrate virtual tours and modules for prospective students to have a hybrid experience.

Student Health & Wellness

Physical and mental wellness cannot be overemphasized in today’s world. It’s commonplace to see colleges launch apps catered explicitly to student’s wellbeing. With the aid of Andromo, you can incorporate content such as personal workouts, counseling, seeking support from a health professional, and so much more.

Class Attendance

With the global pandemic currently being tackled, universities won’t be operating in total capacity any time soon. It is essential to create class attendance apps for students studying remotely to get access to lectures. 

It can also be customized as a teacher application to upload lectures notes, videos, files, and other materials.


Apart from popular social media platforms, students are looking to build connections while on campus. One of the best ways to achieve that is to create a college mobile app. They’d be able to attend physical and virtual events, submit surveys and review popular spots on campus.

Create A College Mobile App Today

Developing a campus app for college students is possible with Andromo. You don’t need any background experience in coding languages. All you need to do is sign up and take advantage of the unique features to create your college app and monetize it.

Sign up to Andromo today.

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