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Creating a Church App With Andromo

App creation is the best way to find a target audience. It is cheaper, less time-consuming and more effective than social media leading or website creation. Andromo is a perfect church app maker with no coding skills required. Let’s see how it works.

Three Easy Steps To Create Your Own Church Mobile Software

Andromo will help you understand how to create a church app. Just follow the instructions listed in the steps below to build a church app.

Choose An Appropriate Design

To create a church app you need to make up your mind on the appearance.A great design would encourage members’ constant interaction with the temple via the application. Be creative in the selection of your design or schema. To make the application resonate well with your members, choose a design that beautifully blends the colors of your church. The Andromo church app builder has a lot of designs to choose from.

Add Essential Features

The next step is to complete your custom church app by adding essential features to it. Andromo has some of the top features of apps for church you can find. Some features include live streaming, news update, mobile giving, sermons, devotional messages, prayer requests, etc. You can include PUSH notifications so members receive alerts anytime something new pops up. Remember to integrate social media into the application to open up the place of worship to new members. Add the email, address, and phone number to help people get in touch.

Publish On A Mobile Google Play Market and App Store

Voila! The church app for android and IOS is ready for publishing. So head over to online marketplaces and bless the whole world with your new mobile application.


Top features for a church mobile application

Push notifications

Another important feature in building a church app is Push notifications. Software is almost useless if it doesn’t include means to alert users of news and updates. With a lot of apps competing for attention, it’ll be difficult for your church app to be opened. That is why you need to add push notifications to draw attention to your application. Push notifications are a way of keeping the members abreast with happenings and events in the temple. Through the notifications, you can interact with the members and receive feedback as well.

Calendar/Events feature

Including a calendar when building apps for churches ensures that no member misses any event. With the help of the calendar or events feature, members can mark certain programs and set reminders to events. The church can also program the events into the calendar or events feature and set a reminder. This way your members are automatically reminded days ahead of the impending program.


Leaving a contact on the mobile software would make your place of worship easily accessible to outsiders. Anyone, including an outsider, who reads a blog post or sees a notification and needs further clarification can easily contact you. So it’s equally important that you leave a contact on the church app to enable people to easily reach out.

App analytics

This feature gives you an insight into how your members interact with the mobile application. It breaks down the number of people who have visited the app and how long they interacted with it. App analytics are useful in apps for churches because it gives you a fair idea of which aspects of the application need improvement to encourage member interaction.

Why do you need a mobile application for your chapel?


There is no way to carry the Bible hard copy all the time. Unless you have an app with it uploaded. That is when an Andromo church app builder comes in handy. Upload a personal app, add up different languages of the Bible to a library -expand a church app`s audience effortlessly.

User Engagement

Creating a mobile application for your place of worship can enable members and non-members alike to communicate with the leaders of the chapel. People who have inquiries about the programs or need directions to the chapel can ask through the contact on the mobile software. This encourages user engagement and makes all members feel a part of the family..

Why should you choose Andromo app maker to create your own church app?

Most people prefer Andromo free church maker for their mobile software development, and these are the reasons:

Unique features

Our mobile software builder comes with unique features to help you build your custom church app. There are many designs to select so you’re spoilt for choice. The features are easy to navigate and use. The designs are striking and alluring, deliberately created to attract and encourage audience interaction. Choose from our array of beautiful themes to make your application eye-catching. Go on and build your church apps for free.

You can make some passive income

What is most attractive about Andromo is the monetization feature. You can also create apps for church as a side hustle and make thousands of dollars monthly. Andromo has a reputation for helping people make a healthy income at the end of the month through their mobile app builder platform. You can also leverage their church app maker to build your mobile software and rake in some income.

No coding skills required

With Andromo, you don’t require any coding skills in church app development. The functions and features are all preset, so just go ahead and be creative in your choices. Combine all the right hues and colors to create an eye-catching design that would promote user engagement. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or a nerdy IT student. All you need is a smartphone, and you’re good to go. Remember, you can use our church app builder for free.

Start your church building app journey

Our constructors and templates will help to create a dream app up to the expectations. Try out Andromo and see all the advantages personally.

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