Create an ASMR App with Andromo

Looking for an ASMR app builder? Well, look no further. With Andromo, developers can build applications without coding. 

The ASMR trend began on youtube. It has since led to the creation of popular applications such as Tingles, Mindwell, TeasEar, and Somnia. 

The commercialization of ASMR has created millions of dollars for developers and ASMR artists around the world.

Thanks to app-building platforms such as Andromo, artists can share this art form with the world. 

Learn how to make an ASMR app in just a few steps with Andromo.

What is ASMR?

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) refers to a relaxation technique that gives listeners a sense of low-level euphoria. It is helpful for people who have trouble sleeping or who suffer from anxiety.

It often includes relaxing soundscapes, ranging from chewing, whispering, crinkling to scratching and grooming sounds. 

This relaxation technique has helped millions of people relieve stress and anxiety, meditate, focus, become more mindful and improve sleep quality.  

Why create an ASMR Application?

This relaxation technique has become hugely popular, and it helps millions of people deal with everyday life stressors. 

But why should developers consider building such an application? Simple, to provide:

An Ad-free Listening Experience

Users don’t have to deal with the annoying ad pop-ups which is often the case when using youtube. 

Random ads often mess up concentration or interfere with sleep, so an ad-free experience would be a welcome treat.

Offline listening feature

Users can listen to sound videos/audio from anywhere.

Monetization opportunity

Consider including a monthly subscription option and even earn money on downloads. 

How to make an ASMR app

Creating an application is easier than ever, thanks to the Andromo ASMR app maker. The platform offers an easy step-by-step guide that focuses on customization and content. 

Below is a detailed guide.  

  1. Visit the Andromo website and click on the Create an app button at the top right corner to sign up. 
  2. Select the type of template you want to use and click on the Build this app button. 
  3. Select and add components like popular features, layout options, media content, monetization options, buttons, extensions, and activities.  
  4. Select the proper layout and customize the theme by selecting an appropriate color scheme from several color pallets. 
  5. Include Monetization options. Go to the monetization settings on the left side of the builder. 
  6. Add content to the Activity type. Include youtube videos, links to blog posts, audio soundscapes, and much more.
  7. Double-check all the features to ensure they are well placed. 
  8. Publish your application and host it on all major App Stores. 

Why Is Andromo a Good Choice for ASMR App Construction? 

There are dozens of ASMR app builders on the web. The trick is to choose the best one. At Andromo, developers will enjoy an easy and fun creative process. 

So why choose Andromo?

No coding is required

The platform hosts several ready-made -templates for you to choose from. Simply select the appropriate template and add all the relevant features.

Knowledge-based platform

The platform offers learning materials and video tutorials to guide developers through the process.  

Reliable app-building platform

Andromo is a well-established iOS and Android development platform that has launched over 80,000 applications on the Google play store.


Developers and artists could earn passive income by implementing monetization techniques such as ads, and subscription fees.

Several customization options and features

Andromo allows creators to customize the interface and add features with a simple click. Content can also be uploaded as a batch, making it easier to fill in various categories.  

App Features To Keep In Mind

Now that you know how to make an ASMR app, what features should you include?

Push Notifications

Send out daily recommendations to help users explore different videos or audios based on their preferences.

Multiple Sound categories

The categories can include sounds such as whispering, Tipping, crinkling, Blowing, and writing. 

Unlimited Content

Create a diverse collection of content from different artists and genres.  

Audio Player

Developers can upload videos or audio sounds that are available when a user is offline. And users have access to the new content when they get back online.


Link card button to help users make payments for subscriptions or downloads much easily.

Social Sharing buttons

Include a like and share button for users to share their favorite sounds. Social sharing is an easy way to advertise and gain more users.  

Offline Audio Player

Users can listen to soundtracks when they are out of data or in low reception areas. 

Remember the features incorporated into an application can make or break it. Try to avoid any unnecessary features and ensure easy navigation.

Bonus Tips For Success

There are hundreds of applications with calming soundscapes on the internet. So how does one keep up with the competition? 

  • Ensure that audio sounds are of high quality. Vet all artists and sounds before uploading. 
  • Include a sleep timer for users who need to fall asleep or meditate. 
  • Keep the design clean and crisp. Nobody likes a cluttered dashboard. Including too many features will make an application too complex to use.
  • Regularly update new clips and audio for users to explore to prevent boredom and allows users to find more content that fits their needs

Create an ASMR App Today!

The Andromo ASMR app maker offers a unique opportunity to create and share content worldwide. 

Developers will enjoy trying out different features and customizing an application based on their vision. 

That said, join the community of developers today.