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Create Great ASMR App Without Writing A Single Line Of Code

Global income from mobile apps reached over 318 billion dollars in 2020. Compared to the previous year, this was an increase of more than 60 billion dollars. According to the Statista Digital Market Outlook, sales would rise in most areas over the next few years, reaching roughly 613 billion dollars by 2025.
Andromo holds the distinction of being the first all-in-one no-code platform to allow for the creation and monetization of mobile apps, allowing creators to explore new avenues of app monetization. Thanks to the Andromo ASMR app creator, making an application is now easier than ever. The Andromo ASMR app maker is the best application for ASMR available on the market. The platform provides a simple step-by-step guide that focuses on content and customization.

Great Features For ASMR App Creating

With the Andromo App creator, the best ASMR apps can be easily created. Make musician apps using the following features:

Photo Gallery

Add pictures and create galleries. Make bulk upload and images arrangement. To keep listeners engaged, use attractive photographs or memes of celebrities from various occasions.

Audio Player

Upload audio files, creating playlists, ringtones for mp3 player apps . Allow users to listen to music without having to use their data plan. Include a download option so that people can listen to songs even when they're not connected to the internet.

YouTube Player

Stream youtube videos in an ASMR application. Unlimited access to a collection of Youtube videos. Users can also sing along with performers by watching lyric videos on YouTube. Developers of song apps can integrate a playlist of new or popular music from YouTube playlists.

Paid Access

Andromo produces a new feature for additional monetization- paid access to content. Set up paid access at the level of a particular activity and earn more. Arrange your content at different levels for android and iOS devices.

Push notifications

Notify listeners when a new ASMR recording is released. That way, users won't miss out on exciting content.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is made simple. Add an active link to share content they like on social networks — an effective way to distribute the content of audio apps .

Make Money With Andromo

Andromo allows an app creator to monetize apps in different ways. There are more opportunities to make money with banner ads, interstitial ads, and native ads. These announcements appear at natural transition points in the application’s workflow, such as during poise when listening to a podcast apps recording. By creating engaging content for users, increase revenue. Paid access allows developers to charge for material within the app.

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How To Make An ASMR app?

Creating an application is easier than ever, thanks to the Andromo ASMR app maker. The platform offers an easy step-by-step guide on making ASMR apps, including radio apps that focus on customization and content. 

1. Choose a template in our Easy Start section

To create ASMR apps, visit the Andromo website and click on the app creation button in the upper right corner to register. And then, select the type of template you want to use and click on the Build this app button.

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2. Customize the app

Customize the theme by choosing a suitable color scheme from several color palettes. Add content to the activity type. Include youtube videos, links to blog posts, soundtracks, and more. And, of course, don’t forget to include monetization features.

3. Upload the app to Play Market and/or App Store

Double-check all the features to ensure they are well placed. And then publish the phone ASMR app and host it on all major App Stores.

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Over 1 million people like you from all over the world have signed up for the Andromo app builder service and built their mobile app without coding. 99% are satisfied and are building multiple apps within no time!

Sharon Baisil
Sharon Baisil
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Actually, app creation was really easy with Andromo. My apps are on the health niche, on prevention of non-communicable diseases. I make about 10000$ annually, and this is my side income, along with my main job. I enjoy having a passive income from apps built with Andromo.
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I make around 500€ with my apps, and this is my side income along with my main job. Last December, I made 1500€. The app business had offered me a lot of flexibility and a stable income during a period when I was ill, so for me, Andromo turned out to be an excellent investment.
Sansar Lochan
Sansar Lochan
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Andromo is very user-friendly. It fully satisfies the end user’s needs and does so quickly and effectively. I have a blog, and my app is an excellent tool to interact with my subscribers. Also, my app brings me 1400$ monthly.
Younes & Sara
Younes & Sara
Read More
Andromo gave us an ability to create apps without coding skills, and today it usually takes us 2-3 hours to create a cool app at Andromo. We make about 2000$ with our apps, and this is the main income of our family.
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It usually takes me two days to create an app with Andromo, and I make between 1200$ and 1500$ per month. This is my primary income, which helps me to support my family.
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It takes me about 10 days to create a cool application. App making is my main job and I can support my family with it. In my opinion Andromo is the best, for this reason I like this platform!

Why Create An ASMR Application?

This relaxation technique has become hugely popular, and it helps millions of people deal with everyday life stressors.
But why should developers consider building such an application for ASMR? Simple, to provide:

An ad-free listening experience

Users don’t have to deal with the annoying ad pop-ups, which is often the case when using youtube. Random ads often mess up concentration or interfere with sleep, so that an ad-free experience would be a welcome treat.

Offline listening feature

Tech images are very popular with tech enthusiasts. They give a phone a modern futuristic look.

Monetization opportunity

Consider including a monthly subscription option and even earn money on downloads.

Create An App With Andromo Right Now!

Andromo is a no-code app builder backed by Google Flutter. It contains many exciting features with a user-friendly interface. Users can build high-quality native iOS and Android apps without dealing with separate codebases for both platforms. The Andromo ASMR app creator gives you a special opportunity to create and share content with people all around the world. Choose Andromo platform to simplify the app development process by creating a mobile application in a few steps. Join the developer community today. Get started right away!

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