How to set up Facebook audience network ads in Andromo app

To set up FAN ads, you will need 2 things:
• Facebook account
• Facebook business account

You can create a Facebook business account easily by signing in to with your primary Facebook account.

After you registered there:
1. Go to,
2. Sign in with your Facebook account
3. Choose My apps
4. Create a new app
5. Choose your business account
6. Choose Audience Network
7. Now you are in the main dashboard to complete several simple steps to set up FAN ads in your app.
8. Remember that first, you create an Ad space, and then you create ad placement inside the Ad space. So, you choose a Banner ad space for banners, then you go inside and make an Ad placement there.
9. After you create ad spaces with placements, you copy their ids and paste to your Andromo app in the Monetization section.
10. After your app is published in Google Play with placement ids inside – go back to and choose ‘’Live’’ for your app by providing a Google Play link to it.
11. Please remember that according to Facebook Audience Network policies, your app will show FAN ads only if it is downloaded from Google Play.


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