How app monetization works (a cut from the webinar)

The more downloads your app has, the more ad impressions will be shown to users. Thus, the more revenue developer can receive. We can divide inside app advertising into some types. Each of them has its pros and cons. A static banner is a basic way to represent a company or a product. An interstitial ad is shown between pages. It fulfills all the screen place and can be turned off by pressing X-button after a defined period of time. A native ad is about ad blocks between pieces of content that maximally relevates the form and sense of the content itself. Rewarded video is kind of similar to an Interstitial ad. The difference is – this last type requires watching promo till the end, then the user receives a ‘prize’ inside the app.

App users Geo is an important factor that can influence your app’s revenue. Advertisers pay more for clicks and impressions from Tier 1 countries (USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.) and less for Tier 2 (Hong Kong, Colombia, Nigeria, Kuwait, Emirates, Brazil, etc.) and Tier 3 (Romania, Qatar, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.). However, users acquisition from Tier 2 and 3 can be much cheaper for the developer, and he can receive more clicks and impressions. So, the developer has to test different approaches and find the best way for his app.


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