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Discover the power of push-notifications and learn how to benefit from using them.

If it is possible to become the trend among trends, app development managed to do so. Novadays, an absolute majority of users’ attention is caught by mobile applications. An explanation is pretty simple: we have to do something with tons of free time, we have to relax, we have to turn off the real world button. Self-entertainment has become our primary household duty. Not surprisingly, app builders worldwide have decided to control information and content spread tendencies and conquer our lifetime.

You may regard yourself as a winner if you have not wasted time and developed a lovely application. You have won even more if you have positioned yourself on the market – a courageous decision taking a high competition level into account. You are a super winner if your application is frequently downloaded. What is next?

Go back to your purpose for a minute. We can guess you have not developed your application just for fun, right? Correspondingly, you are aimed at monetizing your product. It can be done by selling your app as a promotion platform; in other words, you may implement advertisements in your app and get paid for it.

Advertisers are more likely to choose applications with maximum users’ engagement. So you have to stimulate user activity somehow. Push-notifications are a brilliant solution. Every time you remind a user of yourself – you increase the chance of frequent contact with your app and prolong the duration of use.

The good news in terms of ad campaigns: you can influence customers’ targeted actions with this tool.

For instance, you may use the help of push-notifications while informing users about app content updates. By the way, you should keep users’ interest in your app alive by constant app renewal; trust us, it is genuinely vital.

If you are still not wholly convinced that push-notifications is a powerful marketing instrument, think about cross-promotion. These notifications can advertise your other apps – introduce each of them to as broad an audience as you can.

Push-notifications create an atmosphere of an app’s constant presence in a user’s life, which is good. Subconsciously a user associates an application with a close friend with whom he/she exchanges messages. These activities will help you engage users, increasing your application’s frequency usage, which will improve its ranking in the store.

Finally, always keep in mind that each notification is one more step on the way to building strong long-term product-customer relations.

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