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Mobile applications have occupied the informational and electronic Universe; moreover, they have naturally leaked out our daily routine in every aspect. They have become crucial, even a fundamental part of our vital activity. It is hard to define which statement is right: we have implemented apps into our lives or implemented the whole life experience into billions of specific topical apps?

Taking the importance and significance of applications, as a developer, you should make the process of interaction with your product totally smart and comfortable. Demands and requests of users dictate the evolution direction. And users beg for simplicity. It also concerns the size of apps uploaded on play markets. An absolute majority of people avoid apps that seem too large. It matters enormously for those whose devices are connected to slow 2G or 3G networks or work on pay-by-the-byte plans.

Moreover, as we have already discovered, people regard their cell phones as vital personal belongings, and we guess they will never pollute their private informational environment with gigantic foreign objects. For them, downloading an app that consumes a significant amount of space equals putting an elephant into a one-room apartment. Let us agree; it seems hilarious.

Imagine yourself as a consumer. Would you like to load a 3 gigabytes video sent by your ex-classmate? Would you like to wait about 10 minutes until the restaurant’s e-menu finally opens after QR-code scanning? Would you like being an extremely slow chat member because you only see 3% of a gif file on the screen? The same feelings will be caught by a random user who once faced the biggest app size of the play store.

Large-sized apps are very likely to be deleted in the first place. One more difficulty hides in the fact that creating an excellent daily usage rate will become problematic.

Sticking to this strategy, you will pose as a developer who is respectful enough towards users to let them suffer.

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