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Undoubtedly, successful app promotion is impossible without proper online representation. Think over your app image and its positioning before jumping into the market.

First of all, you should take your target audience specifics into account. Who are they, people you are aimed at? Where do they search for new information? What ad campaign type is most likely to influence them? Consider creating a particular landing page for your promotions. Promote yourself in organic search, too. If you have developed a gaming app – go for social networks. Running an advertising campaign there will lead to fantastic results. Moreover, you are free to build a website in support of your campaign. Describe the app’s capabilities and advantages, illustrate it with bright user’s experience examples.

Do not forget to keep your audience up with the latest app renovations. Post informative long-reads on public platforms, or use the help of social media. Make sure you have chosen platforms that specialize in your app’s niche. Thus, your target audiences will match, and the number of downloads will sustainably grow. In addition to that, send press releases to relevant blogs about upcoming events dedicated to your app. You may also benefit from the side effects of this activity. If journalists are fascinated enough by your app, you will get plenty of free news, publications, and reviews, as a result. Finally, the number of installs will increase.

If your brand new app is ultra resonant, specialized publishers will be dying to write about it for free. But initially, resonance is unpredictable. So invest a part of your promotion budget to paid resources. They will publish honest yet gravitating towards positive reviews.

Struggling while browsing through paid website options? Focus on location characteristics, key subject matters, and your budget, of course. You will have two choices here. You may write a few alternative reviews or ask this social media’s journalists for help. If you trust this work to somebody else, read it over attentively. To simplify the task, you may beforehand create a press kit for journalists with all the information needed.

Make sure you have included the following files to your press kit:

1. An appealing press release.
2. Links to the application profile on the app store.
3. Exhaustive yet intriguing information regarding your app. You should stress the benefits of your product that are obligatory to be mentioned in reviews.
4. Brief info about the team of developers. Add some curious facts about your company, your achievements. Perhaps, you have some awards or success stories you would like to share with readers.
5. Icons and demonstrational screenshots from your application.
6. Full contact information. Include links to your website and social networks.

These tips may be useful for your app promotion. Test-drive all of them, analyze the progress and put more effort into those instruments that perform better. Good luck!

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