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Create several specialized apps instead of one universal one

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Stop mixing the concept of a mobile application with the idea of superfood.

Some of us are used to the idea of optimizing processes, space, and time. We call them rationalists. But the fact is, there are two sides to “the less, the better coin.”

Speaking about multifunctional applications, they may have a massive list of critical disadvantages. First of all and the most obvious, they are too large. They require a lot of free space on your device, which you sometimes cannot offer. On the other hand, their operational panel is complicated. Every instrument of our everyday lives gravitates towards simplicity. An application where you get lost and cannot remember which moves you should take to reach your goal always loses.

This leads us to the idea of simplification. Make the user’s experience of interaction with your app remarkably lovely. Do not become a reason for the audience’s irritation.

The truth is most members of your audience don’t need rich applications. Offer them several specialized solutions instead. This solution will create a comfort zone for them, and you? You will benefit multiple.

Often a user needs one or two specific app’s activities and functions. In this case, they are much more likely to download a particular niche app that does not consist of extra unnecessary fulfillment. As a result, the cumulative load of your applications can increase due to better customer satisfaction.

Secondly, custom application files are lighter than generic solution files, leading to more downloads. From your side, it is a good sign that you care about your audience. Do not pollute their devices with tons of garbage.

Besides, this tactic will allow you to promote apps with ads cheaper and more efficiently. Moreover, you can implement cross-promotions and put an advertisement for one app to another.

For instance, you are passionate about sounds and ringtones. You have an ocean of content to share. Try to create 50 applications with different types of sounds. The sense of the experiment hides in careful sorting out. Any of these applications should be thematically oriented to only one kind of sound, such as the sound of a police siren or a baby’s cry.

Then you switch to the next step. For every particular application, you create an audio player activity. Finally, you load to every player a variety of sounds of the same category. It means that one player will consist only of police siren sounds, another will be only about the baby’s cry.

Suppose a user needs extra content or activities while interacting with your app – not a problem! Just put there separate links to every other topical application you have developed. These links should lead to your Google Play account to other thematic applications.

Thus, you spend money on advertising for the keywords “police siren.” But it turns out that paid traffic you have produced can flow to your other apps with other ringtones for free. Congratulations, you are a genius!

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