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Create attractive screenshots for your app

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Check out a brief version of the app store screenshot guidelines and sort out the information you truly need.

A quantity of mobile apps that appear every day exceeds the number of snowflakes on Christmas Eve in Canada. Not surprisingly: these pocket life simplifiers are much easier to reach and comfortable to use than classy bulky websites. As a developer, you may want not only to represent your business, company, or product through an app form but also to monetize it and enlarge your income level – why not?

When you are done with app development, it is time to upload your application file to an app store and arrange your app details to make the app store page look attractive and desired. Professionals call it optimization. Let us concentrate on its vital elements. Along with an app name, icon, description, and app ratings, screenshots you add have to fascinate users and convince them to download your app.

The best screenshot app could have had is the one that reflects the app’s essence, philosophy, concept, etc. It should give users a full first impression of your product, together with understanding key app functions, activities, etc. It also should be eye-catching: start with picking the brightest of your interface examples. These pictures should wordlessly explain why your app is worth downloading and using.

Referring to those who prefer concentrating on catching only actual moments of interaction with their apps – consider thinking broad. Apart from traditional simple screenshots, you may put specifically designed pictures with text information or infographics. Why? Well, because of different perception psyche types: some of us understand text better (and they discover more about your application from an app description), others are all about visuals. This means you may explain your app’s features and value through putting text info on the picture and placing it in the screenshots section. Another idea is designing concepts with visually attractive representations of users’ feedback on your app. Use maximum effort, and your app will have higher chances to become a market leader.

Look through the following checklist and make sure you are all good at these points.

Carefully select a shortlist of your app’s main features. Explain these activities to the public.

1. Give users a full picture of what they can expect after downloading your app.

2. Showcase the user experience.

3. Use short titles to convey your message better. Rush is a synonym to our generation, do not let users waste their precious time on longread screenshots.

4. Make sure fonts are super readable – large and contrast enough. Never forget about color balance.

Now you are armed – it is action time!

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