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Clarify how to promote an app successfully in highly competitive times.

Dear friend, if you are reading this, we guess you have adapted to an entirely new lifestyle called the 21-st century. You have changed your habits and routine. You started consuming a majority of information online.

Dear developer, a new era of opportunities has come! Mobile applications have never been so popular before. Moreover, we are not afraid to claim their vitalness. Apps help us connect to the external world, keep up with the latest tendencies, get the news we need promptly. The wisest decision here is to take advantage of the situation.

On the other hand, with the growing trend in online formats, the competition also becomes more complex. How to stand out from thousands of similar products? How to influence a customer’s choice? How to position your app on the marketplace, and be sure you manage to monetize it?

App promotion is a mix of several ingredients in the correct proportion. Those are app store optimization, keywords, naming, reviews processing, etc. And perhaps the most eye-catchy aspect is the visual representation of your app. We are now talking about screenshots and promotional videos of your app.

Videos are instruments that guarantee maximum engagement with your app before it is downloaded. It is just a brilliant solution to show the app in action and match vibes with a user.

Even the fact that video is dynamic fascinates the user’s subconscious. Intuitively a user builds an emotional connection with a product; they feel like your app is something trustworthy. Why? Because a promotional video is significantly descriptive. It gives an example of a future user’s experience. As a result, a person discovers an app atmosphere deeply and all-encompassing.

There is a lot of software that helps you create a video preview of your app. Some services are available for free.

Creating your demo video makes sure it gives a complete understanding of how this app makes the user’s life easier, happier, and resources saving.

If you want your video to be perceived easily, make it short and sweet. One more good idea is uploading a viral video – the one with the potential of being multiple shared.

Summing up, a promotional video is a factor that matters while a user decides which app to choose to satisfy his/her request. You should pay attention to this instrument without any doubt and put some effort to make it qualitative and effective.

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