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Well, do not take the phrase literally, in the first place.

Though we can imagine an extremely persistent billionaire who pays people for downloading his new application. Anyways, we are here today to talk about another promotion strategy. How to increase the number of app downloads using Facebook ads and Google AdWords?

Naturally, a promotion type like this requires money investments, not to mention time and effort. How soon and how many times will they pay off? The answer only depends on you and your strategic decisions.

Before you go to keyword selection, you should clarify your market positioning. Who are you as a brand? What is your application about? What values do you share with your target audience? Who are they, what are they interested in? Which language do they speak, what inspires and fascinates them? After you are done with these vital details, you may switch to keywords. To have a good return on promotion investment, you should pick the most suitable keywords. These phrases should describe your app and reflect its sense.

On the other hand, you should hold a market study. Analyze your competitors and their promotion features. You should realize that the most frequently used keywords will cost you more. Try to concentrate on niche key phrases with lower popularity. The cost per click will be much nicer. If you face some complexities choosing proper word combinations, a keyword tool may be truly helpful.

Apart from two obvious options, contextual Google ads and Facebook’s targeted advertising campaigns, you may show your banners on thematic websites. Thus, users with matching interests will be constantly reminded about your app.

We would also like to share a guideline devoted to the ways to improve your ad performance.

1. Consider concentrating your contextual ads flow on a campaign type that drives installs. As a result, it will take a user fewer steps to press a download button and start discovering your beautiful app.
2. In the case of social networks, morning and evening prime time works the best. Users tend to scroll their news feed on their way to and from work.
3. If you are not sure of your skills when it comes to AdWords, do not panic! You better watch a couple of video tutorials on YouTube. At least, you will have a basic idea about setting ad campaigns.
4. Always track ad performance. Take the ratio of impressions or clicks to installs into account. This will help you calculate how much each lead actually costs. Analyze your progress, and redistribute your budget if needed. Invest more in those ad instruments that perform better.

As you can conclude, there is no secret to success. Advertising is quite an experimental field full of opportunities.

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