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How to succeed in the promotion of your app? User ratings as a critical point for being on the top of a market mountain.

Imagine you are a newcomer to a city. You and a group of friends you are traveling with want to have dinner in a good restaurant. How are you going to search for places to visit? Well, let’s admit there are some gentlemen of fortune among us that would love to have a risk and go blind. But a prevalent majority stick to more tested strategies. You may ask some mates of yours who were staying in this land before for a piece of advice. You may google “restaurants (a name of the city)” and create a shortlist judging by restaurants’ representation on their social media accounts or websites. Finally, you are free to use old school TripAdvisor and make some conclusions based on the marks and reviews left there – in this case, you rely on other users’ experience and the arithmetical means of their opinions.

Taking this into account, you will not find surprising the fact that users make their choice on app stores the same way – according to what other people think of various products. Moreover, app markets have significantly simplified our lives by automatizing the whole process. Nowadays, it is called algorithmic sorting by ratings and comments. How does it work? The system does tons of work for you saving your time. As if your undercover well-wisher took the research initiative from the world of mouth to Google Business rating study and made an overall picture of “what they say” about a product. Convenient, huh?

Now go back to your role – an app developer, and think over opportunities you have in this aspect. First of all, you should realize that ratings, long read reviews, and comments are factors that affect the ranking of your app – in other words, influence its place on the app list. The more activity is concentrated in this area of the marketplace, and the more positive reviews and ratings you receive, the more chances you have that your application will reach the top ratings.

What can you do to push your brainchild forward? First of all, forecast your wish for collecting reviews while developing your app. Using the Andromo platform, you can select this feature in the Settings section. You can also configure this feature’s parameters – how often and when exactly the “rate us” appeal will be shown to users.

Do not forget to follow these simple rules:

1. Being annoying or irritating is not the best idea. Yes, you definitely can encourage users to rate your application. Do not overuse this request – nobody wants to see a reminder every time they open a program. It would be much more comfortable and polite to ask them for a review before shutting an app down or after several successful app actions.

2. Your message should be clear. Give a brief hint on how to rate an app on the app store. Take into account that in the twenty-first century, smartphone and tablet owners are always in a hurry. Therefore, use short and univocal calls to action in reminders.

And remember – a one-star review equals 5 five-star ones. Do everything you can to avoid negative feedback, never ignore it, answer it, work it out.

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