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Analyze app’s performance

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Analyze app’s performance

Monitoring the progress and learning from mistakes are two processes a successful app promotion is based on. Without it, powerful monetization is impossible. Moreover, you are putting too much effort into marketing to stay indifferent to promotion results. This thesis leads us to an apparent thought. In the context of app promotion, you should track your progress, potency, and utility. You should know precisely the level of users’ engagement to your app. The frequency of turning random users into devoted fans also matters.

This will help you determine the cost of user acquisition through advertising. You can assess this promotion method’s financial revenue.

As a rule, developers pay attention to the following metrics:

1. The total number and dynamics of set-ups. A number of times your application has been downloaded is the very first answer to “how are you doing, dear app?” A critically small amount of downloads is a marketing issue diagnosis. But you can fix it any time, no worries!

2. Sources of installations. This mark will help you indicate the effectiveness of marketing placements. As a result, you will cast places you promote your app through, judging by their usefulness.

3. User acquisition cost. Count all the budget you have spent on promotion during some defined period (let us say, a month). And split it into a number of leads (users who have done precisely the action you wanted them to. For instance, count those who clicked on a download button). This way, you will receive a price for every new user you ‘bought’ through advertising.

4. The ratio of ad impressions to installs. This is how you define whether your ads are engaging and eye-catchy enough, whether they motivate users to interact with what is going on on the screen.

5. The ratio of ad spends to app-generated revenue. This works for paid apps and applications with in-app purchases in particular. This can also be good for you if you have developed several apps. You can cross-promote them on your platforms.

You can also evaluate an application’s effectiveness using some factors that indicate how engaging and useful your application is. Those products are:

1.The number of launches.

2. Duration of sessions (try to make a user’s experience as fascinating as possible).

3. The average frequency of application usage (how often do you make users return to your app, what are your magnets of interest).

4. Data on targeted user actions in the application.

You may do these analyses by yourself or use the help of professional services, such as Google Analytics for Apps, Yandex.AppMetrica, Mixpanel, Flurry, and Firebase Analytics.

Analyze your app in terms of these aspects. Do your work on bugs persistently. Optimize your promotion strategy. And get more and more new devoted followers every day. Yes, you can!

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